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Peach Ankle Socks

by Linda

[image of Peach Ankle Socks] These were inspired by the only other crocheted sock pattern I could find on the web. That pattern's author is glad to see another crocheted sock pattern on the web.

The ribbing and heel stitch are styled after hers, but the heel turning, main stitch pattern, flat sole (which could be a bit wider), and all the rest are my own design. It's a feeble first attempt at crocheted socks by someone who's used to knitting them, so please bear with me. :)

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  1. Chain 11, turn.
  2. Sc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. (9 sc + 1 turning ch = 10) Ch 2, turn.
  3. Sc in back loop of each st across row, ch 2, turn.
  4. Repeat this row 35 times altogether. Through back loops of 35th row, slip stitch to attach to starting row. Ribbing completed.
  5. Turn inside out (right side now facing). Sc into end of each rib row - 36 sts around. Ch 2. Do not turn.
  6. Heel Flap: Sc in next 19 sts through back loop, ch 2, turn.
  7. Sc across through front loop, ch 2, turn.
  8. These two rows produce a slight horizontal stripe pattern on right side. For a more pebbly texture, instead work through front loops on right side, and through back loops on wrong side.
  9. Repeat these two rows five more times (12 rows in total).
  10. Turn Heel: Sc 13 sts, sc 2tog, ch 2, turn.
  11. Ch 2, sc 6 sts, sc 2 tog, ch 2, turn.
  12. Repeat this last row, working through front / back loops as on heel flap if desired, til all extra edge sts are worked, end right side facing. Heel may look a little odd at this point - that's okay.
  13. Note: When working heel sts in the following rounds, it's assumed you'll use a ch-2 as the first st.
  14. Next round, ch 2, sc across 6 of the 8 heel sts, sc 2 tog twice where heel sts meet side of heel flap, pick up about 10 sc's along first side of heel flap, sc around, again pick up about 10 sc's on other side of heel flap to within 4 sts of the 8 heel sts, sc 2 tog twice, sc the last heel st that remains unworked, sl st to join.
  15. Next round, sc across the same 6 heel sts. Skip one sc, in next sc make 2 dc, *skip next sc, in following sc make 2 dc*, repeat around, skip one sc, sc last heel st, sl st to join.
  16. For next three rounds, follow the instructions for the previous round, except work the 2 dc's into the space between the 2-dc clusters of the previous round, and make your first 2-dc in the space after the first 2-dc of previous round, and make your last one in the space before the last 2-dc of the previous round. This serves to decrease the gusset.
  17. For next four rounds, continue in the same manner, except work dc's on the heel sts instead of sc's.
  18. If you haven't already, you should try on the sock at this point, checking for width, etc. These are enough gusset decrease rounds for my size 8 Canadian feet. Your own mileage may vary - simply adjust the number of decrease rows to suit.
  19. Now work even in the pattern - Continue working the heel sts in dc, the first and last st of every alternate round should be a single dc in the space between the heel sts and the 2-dc cluster sts (the space you've been skipping up to this point). Work until you're 1 to 1.5 inches short of finished length. - I worked 7 rounds.
  20. Decrease for Toe: Sc in each st around through back loops. Sl st at end of round to join, then sl st across to the middle of the 'heel' sts, ch 2. Work through back loops for all remaining rounds.
  21. Method One: Next round, sc in 3 remaining heel sts, sc in next st, sc 2 tog, sc in next two sts, sc 2 tog, sc in next 10 sts, sc 2 tog, sc in next two sts, sc 2 tog, sc last 5 sts in round, slip st to join.
  22. Next round, ch 2, sc in next 3 sts, sc 2 tog, sc in next two sts, sc 2 tog, sc in next 8 sts, sc 2 tog, sc in next two sts, sc 2 tog, sc last 4 sts in round, sl st to join.
  23. Continue decreasing in this manner til you're down to 12 sts in the round. Sc 2 tog all around. Break yarn, turn sock inside out and slip stitch (or sew) toe closed.
  24. Method Two: Next round, decrease by four sts evenly around, sl st join at end of round. Repeat this round til there are 12 sts. Sc 2 tog all around. Break yarn, turn sock inside out and slip stitch (or sew) toe closed.
  25. Make another one exactly the same.
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