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Granny's Kitten Blanket

by Linda

[Granny's Kitten Blanket Corner Detail]

Another blanket for our new kitten, Peanut. It seems like, just as with the other crocheted one, this one has also become a battle blanket. :)

A humongous granny square, made with double strands of yarn, in three colours, that's basically it. Read no further if you've made so many granny squares you can make them in your sleep.

You'll need:

  1. Using one strand of white tog with one of Colour A, chain 4.
  2. 11 Dc in 4th ch from hk, sl st to top of ch 4 to complete round - total 12 dc.
  3. Continuing with same colours, *ch 3, 2 dc* in same st of previous round.
  4. Skip 2 sts from previous round, *3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc* in next space. Repeat this once more.
  5. Rnd 2 - 3 dc in same space you began this round, ch 1, then sl st to top of your beginning ch-3 to join round.
  6. Drop Colour A, pick up Colour B.
  7. Rnd 3 - *Ch 3, 2 dc* in top of same st from previous rnd, 3dc in each space between clusters of previous round til you reach the next corner, ch 1, 3dc in corner ch.
  8. 3 dc in corner chain previous rnd, 3dc between each cluster of previous round, 3dc in next "corner" chain of previous round, ch 1.
  9. Repeat previous line of instructions on 3rd and 4th side, join with sl st to top of first ch3 - total 12 clusters around
  10. Following instructions for round 3, change colours every round or two in the following pattern:
  11. Drop Colour A altogether, continuing with Colour B and white held together, sc all around outside edge of blanket.
  12. Carefully secure and tuck in the ends of your yarn so it is safe for animals to use.
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