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Filet Flower Bookmark

by Linda
  1. Chain an appropriate number of chains, then follow chart below:
  2. Work three reps of chart altogether, plus first (bottom) row again.
  3. Beginning in upper left corner, work sc's into length of bookmark as follows:
  4. 2 sc in first filet sq, *3 sc in next filet sq, 2 sc in next filet sq*, repeat to end of side
  5. Turn corner, across end work:
  6. *3 sc in first filet sq, 2 sc in next sq*, repeat ending 2 sc in last sq
  7. Turn corer, work along other side same as first side
  8. Turn corner, work across other end same as first end, then sl st to first sc to join.
  9. Cut thread, block and / or press lightly.
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