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Celebrity Poncho

by Linda

Are you in love with those popular, lucious, textured, fashion shawls and ponchos worn by celebrities like Jessica Simpson (from the Newlyweds), and designed by people like Cecilia du Bucourt, Murielle, and Max Azaria? Have you been going nuts scouring the internet for decent instructions so you can make one for yourself? Does spending time zooming in, trying to determine stitches from a fuzzy or too small image sound familiar? If so, you've come to the right place.

Several weeks of blood, sweat and tears, inspired by the creations mentioned above, and I had myself a little crocheted off the shoulder poncho!

[Celebrity Poncho - Stitch Detail]

This fringed poncho is worked in the round from the top down. It has a slight point at the lower front and lower back edge, but not at the sides. It hangs to about elbow level (plus the fringe), and is more of a mini poncho. To make it longer, repeat the last two rounds, ensuring you end with a Mesh Round, as it looks better that way.

Special Thanks to: Angie for the first photos (shown below).

  1. Ch 102 (96 + 6) to make about 26-30" around first round (neckline). And yes, you do join the end of this long chain to the beginning to make a big ring (loop), as we're working in the round.
  2. Flower Round 1 - Work Row One of Flower Stitch, ending by working a Petal 5. Then, make an extra Petal 3 (horizontal petal) up to the point where you've got the 3 loops on the hook. Then draw a loop through the point where your very first Petals 1, 2 and 3 of the round join together, continue to draw same loop through 3 loops already on hook, chain 1. This joins the round at top edge of this first Flower St round (your beginning chain joins the round together at the bottom) - about 16 flower centres along working edge of garment.
  3. Flower Round 2 - Work Row 2 of Flower St w single horizontal ch-7 in place of the usual horizontal petal between flowers, ending with Petal 4 to the point where you have 6 loops on the hook. Draw a loop through the point where Petal 1 and 3 join together (whichever exact spot works out best). Continue to draw the same loop through the 6 sts already on hook, ch 1. This joins together the top edge of Round 2 of the Petal Stitch.
  4. Mesh Round - Ch 7 (for first dtr-ch1), dtr in same st for first increase point. *Skip 1 ch, (dtr, ch 1) in next ch * half way around poncho. (Dtr, ch1, dtr) in same st for second increase point. *Skip 1 ch, (dtr, ch 1) in next ch * rest of the way around poncho, occassionally working every 3rd chain instead of every 2nd chain to give it a more casual, homespun look. This works out to one dtr at top of each petal, plus 3 in between petals.
  5. Work another Flower Round 1 with one exception: At each increase point (the space between the 2 dtr's that were worked in the same spot, looks a bit like a V with the top closed), make a "corner" out of petals (work 3 petals into space between 2 dtr's of previous rnd in order to turn the corner).
    This is done by working in pattern around until you reach the increase point and have a Petal 5 anchored between the 2 double trebles that were anchored in the same spot on the previous (mesh) round. Work Petals 3 and 4, anchoring Petal 4 in the same spot as the previous Petal 5, and pulling a loop through all loops on hook when done, ch 1 to hold them together. Work Petals 3 and 4 in the same way again, anchoring Petal 4 in that same spot once again. You'll have a Petal 5 and two Petal 4's attached there, with a Petal 3 (horizonal petal) between them at the top. There should be about 24 flower centres including the ones at front and back increases. Note: For this and future Flower Round Ones, since there is no starting chain, you'll work the base of your petals into the top of every third dtr from the previous row. You may have to fudge a bit to get it to work out evenly. [Angie's Celebrity Poncho - Variegated, Larger Neck Opening]
  6. Work Flower Round 2, again working a ch-7 for horizontal petals. Make the same type of increase as in previous round to turn the corner at the increase point. It'll work. :)
  7. Work another Mesh Round, increasing the same way as before.
  8. Work another Flower Round (Rows 1 and 2), increasing in the same manner as the previous Flower Round. There should be about 38 flower centres in this final Flower rnd.
  9. Work another, final Mesh Round.
  10. Cut about 80 pieces of yarn, approx 22" long, then cut those in half. Using 2 strands at a time folded in half, insert crochet hook from wrong side of fabric at lower edge, pull loop through, then pull loose ends completely though loop, and tighten them up. Do this every second ch-1 space all around.
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