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[Celebrity Poncho]
9 Sided Kitchen Mat
Striped, in half double crochet.
Celebrity Poncho - Updated!!
Finally! A pattern inspired by those gorgeous shawls all the celebs are wearing.
Charity Granny Blanket - New!!
A basic granny square blanket, adjustable in size from pets to kids to adults.
Some round, some square.
Filet Flower Bookmark
An easy thread project.
Flamingo in Filet
Another easy one in thread.
Flower Stitch Pattern
My take on the stitch often seen in the fashion shawls these days. It took several weeks to get it right, but now I can do it in my sleep.
Granny's Kitten Blanket
Easy and quick, in worsted.
Holey Squares Shrug - New!!!
Just a little something to throw over your shoulders in warm weather.
Keys and Change Purse
Small and practical, worked with multiple strands of dk.
Mesh Dishcloth
Fast and easy, get 2 from 50g of cotton worsted.
Mini Purse
Small enough to hold a pack of smokes and not much else - ssshhh!
Moebius Scarf
Finally - a crocheted version! For math, geometry, science lovers.
Peach Ankle Socks
My first crocheted socks, summery.
Peanut's Ball Thing
A yarn ball for kitties, easy and fast.
Peanut's Little Yarn Things
Easiest little things to make, but she loves them...
Peanut's White Mouse
A little mousie for your kitty to chase around.
[Spiral Purse]
Rastafarian Tam - Updated!!
A place to tuck your hair.
Related Publications
Crochet books and magazines.
Ribbed Kitten Blanket
Ribbed with ruffled edges, in worsted.
Ribbed Socks
Socks worked lengthwise in dk wool.
Spiral Purse - New!!!
A little bag to carry the essentials.
Square Slippers
Just as easy as they sound.
Summer Purse
Another one done in tapestry crochet.
Tapestry Crochet Purse
A small, but roomy tote bag done in tapestry crochet.
Transit Mittens
With a small opening to make it easy to get to your bus fare.
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