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Keys and Change Purse

by Linda

These were inspired by my frustration at having to drag my large and overflowing purse with me to the local variety store when all I needed to take were my keys and a bit of money, but I had no pockets available at the time. ;)

  1. Using one strand each of dark and light, chain 20, turn.
  2. Ch 2 for first hdc (and ch2 for first hdc on every following row / round). 1 hdc in each chain across, total 20 counting your first ch2.
  3. 1 hdc in each hdc across, being certain to hdc into the turning ch from the previous row.
  4. Repeat this last row twice more, but don't turn after the last row - 4 hdc rows in total.
  5. Ch 2, then 3 hdc along short edge, 20 hdc along long edge, 4 hdc around other short edge, 20 hdc along other long edge, slip st to join.
  6. Drop light colour, add bright colour, and work 1 hdc in each hdc around. When final hdc in the round is completed, drop bright, and add light again, making sl st to join the round.
  7. Continue working these rounds, working colours for the number of rounds indicated below:
  8. Using dark and light for the rest of the purse, work *1 hdc, hdc2tog* (hdc 2 together) around, sl st to join.
  9. Work another round with no decreases.
  10. Work *hdc in first hdc, ch1, skip next hdc* around, sl st to join.
  11. Work *1 hdc in first hdc, 1 hdc in ch space* around, sl st to join, break yarn and fasten ends.
  12. Chain using multiple strands, or otherwise create a strap / handles of the desired length, and thread it through the holes in the ch-1 round. Fasten together.
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