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9 Sided Kitchen Mat

by Linda

I wanted a small circular mat to use on the floor in front of the stove. We have concrete floors and anything that makes cooking easier is very welcomed. I also intend to make one for in front of the sink for similar reasons, but haven't quite gotten around to that one yet.

I decided to go with half double crochet, since it makes a fairly thick and sturdy fabric. Single crochet would probably work as well, but it always seems like it takes so long to complete a project with it. An eight sided hexagon shape didn't quite work for me, it didn't lay flat, so I went with 9 sides instead. I don't know what that shape is called, hence the name of this pattern.

[9 Sided Kitchen Mat - Click for Larger Image]

My first mat was made of a cotton blend, somewhat tiring to work after a while. The second was done in acrylic, which was easier on the hands and feels much more cushiony to walk on, or so say those who've tested it. :) Use whichever you prefer, but if you're going to use it in the kitchen as I do, make sure your yarn is machine washable.

Ed note: Many kind visitors have written to inform me this shape is called a nonagon. I'm sure I knew that at some point in my life, but school was so long ago. :) Thanks, folks!

  1. With dark, chain 4 sts and join w slip st to form ring.
  2. Work 9 hdc in ring (first stitch in each round is always presumed to be a ch-2, or a ch-1 if that works better for you)
  3. Round 2 - 2 hdc in each hdc all the way around - total 18 sts
  4. Round 3 - *2 hdc in first hdc, one hdc in next hdc*, rep all around - total 27 sts
  5. Rounds 4 to 7 - *2 hdc in first hdc, one hdc in each hdc til you reach the increase of the previous round*, repeat all around. At the end of round 7, you should have 63 sts.
  6. Change to light colour. This works best if you join together the previous round with this new colour instead of using the previous colour.
  7. Increasing in same manner as before, work 5 rounds in light colour.
  8. Change back to dark as above, and work 4 rounds.
  9. Changing colours as needed, work 5 rounds light, and 7 more of dark.
  10. Break yarn and end off. Instead, you could work a round of single crochet or reverse single crochet (crab crochet) or some other edging you like to finish off the edges.
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