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Transit Mittens - Pg 2

by Linda

[Transit Mittens]

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  1. Work 10 clusters, chain 1, skip next 8 clusters, work next 10 clusters.
  2. Work 10 clusters, work one cluster into the chain from the previous round, work next 10 clusters - 21 clusters.
  3. Work next round even, working your last st above the chain one for the thumb. Skip 7 clusters (14 sts), chain 12, work next cluster after the 7th skipped cluster. You've just created the slot which will allow you to grab your bus ticket!
  4. Continue working around til you reach the chain of 12. Work 6 clusters into these stitches.
  5. Work 5 more complete rounds from this point. When you read the two stitches that are centred above the baby finger, work a decrease. To do this, work a hdc above the first cluster, then work a sc above the second cluster - decrease made.
  6. Work across to thumb side of mitten but do not decrease on the thumb side on this round.
  7. Work one round even (without decreasing).
  8. Work another decrease round, again centring the decreases above those in the previous row at the baby finger edge, and also making a decrease centred over the thumb. If you're a perfectionist, you'll find it's best to decrease along the palm side rather than the back of the mitten since it looks nicer if the columns of clusters are not unbroken on the back. If this is too fussy a point for you, don't bother, it'll still look fine.
  9. Work one round even.
  10. Work another decrease round, then another round even.
  11. Work 2 more decrease rounds. Work another partial round with decreases at the baby finger and thumb, but stop immediately after working the thumb decrease. You should now have 12 cluster in total.
  12. Break your yarn and use a darning needle to sew the top of the mitten closed. If you prefer, you can turn the mitten inside out and slip stitch the edges together.
  13. As for the thumb, insert your hook in the ch-1 where the thumb meets the body of the mitten. Work a hdc and a sc in this space.
  14. Work a cluster in every second stitch around the rest of the thumb opening - approx 10 sts plus the first one for a total of 11 sts around. If your number doesn't match mine, don't worry about it. As long as there are no gaping holes and it seems to be the correct width for the recipient's thumb, it's fine.
  15. A round begins and ends above the ch-1 at the base of the thumb. At both the beginning and end of the next round, work a decrease as you did at the edges of the mitten's body - 9 clusters in total.
  16. Work even (without decreasing) for 8 more rounds or so, adjust as needed for the wearer.
  17. Next round, work a decrease in all sts around, leaving one stitch unworked if you're working on 9 sts as I did. Work that final st together with the first st of the round to make one final decrease. Break yarn and fasten thumb closed.
  18. Make a second mitten the same, but reversing the shaping as needed. You won't likely need the slot in the second mitten, so keep right on crocheting all the way through. You might want to attach a pin or thread to the back of the mitten so you don't get confused when you start to do the decreases for the body.
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