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Mini Purse

by Linda

Yet another miniature purse. The other one I made was crocheted, too. This one is even smaller, just big enough to hold a large pack of cigarettes (25), a few coins, maybe a lighter, and / or a Kleenex(tm) or two.

[Mini Purse]

Very easy and straightforward to make. Great for when you're wearing a skirt, dress, or pair of shorts - and the lack of pockets drives you nuts - like me! :) They're so small and quick you can make one up easily in a couple of hours. Or even make one to match every pocketless outfit you own if you're so inclined.

You'll need:

  1. Chain 20 or 21 sts.
  2. Hdc in each ch along one side, plus an extra hdc in last ch (to turn the corner).
  3. Along the other side of the chain, hdc in each ch, plus an extra had in last ch (to turn other corner). Do not slip stitch to join round!
  4. Continue to work around and around in hdc til bag is long enough to cover the largest item you want to put in it, then work one extra round, ending just before a corner (I think I worked 17 or 18 rounds).
  5. Work one round of sc, then 2 or 3 slip sts, then fasten off.
  6. Take a nice long piece of yarn, maybe six to eight times the length needed to go from the purse, up around your opposite shoulder, and back down to the purse again. Make a twisted cord. Fold in half, attach one end under the tops loops of a sc at one side of the purse. Try on for size, cut the cord the correct length and attach other end to other side of purse.
  7. Tada! All done.
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