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Watch Band

by Linda

I decided to attempt this when my plastic watch strap finally bit the dust, but the watch itself, the buckle etc. were still in fine shape. I could find no reason not to try it, so... ;)

You can use just about any weight of thread you like, in any colour and stitch pattern you like.
  1. Chain 11 (or other appropriate odd number).
  2. DC in third chain from hook and each chain across. This is the end you'll later thread over the pin that sits on the top and bottom of the watch face in order to attach the new band. Turn.
  3. Ch 2 for first st, then hdc in each st across. Turn.
  4. Continue this second row until the band is long enough to reach halfway around your wrist. You can use any stitch pattern you wish at this point.
  5. When the band is long enough, end with dc in each st across.
  6. Make another one, but an inch or so longer than the first piece.
  7. Thread the pin through the beginning of each piece and re-attach them to the watch - the shorter piece being attached to the top of the watch and the longer one to the bottom. Attach the buckle assembly to the other end of the shorter piece - you'll figure out the method more easily than I can explain it here.
  8. Voila! Now you can make a whole bunch more in your favourite colours to match all your outfits... ;)
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