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Peanut's Little Yarn Things

by Linda

It's almost silly to even put this pattern out there, but I've made a couple dozen of these at this point (they are for the most part, lost in various parts of the house). My cat, Peanut, is absolutely crazy about them. My daughter's cats love them as well. These animals are young, two of them not quite a year old, the third is almost 2 years old. I cannot guess whether an older cat would be as interested.

These are soooo simple and quick. I'm not sure exactly what the appeal is about them, maybe they look like a small mouse to a cat's instincts? We play fetch, catch, baseball and door hockey with them, she chases them around the carpeted, tiled, or wooden floors by herself from time to time. For some reason, Peanut likes them wet -- she'll often take one over and drop it in her water dish, then bring it back out to play with. :)

This all came about when I was starting to try to make a pattern for, gosh, I can't even remember what it was. I took some yarn, started to make some sort of granny square based or circular item, the cat got more interested than usual in what I was doing, and the rest is history. :)

[Peanut's Little Yarn Thing]
  1. Ch 4, slip stitch to form ring.
  2. Chain 2 or 3.
  3. Work about 13 to 15 double crochets in ring, join to form a round.
  4. Break yarn and secure (or hide) end of yarn.
  5. Done!
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