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Mini Gift Boxes from Greeting Cards

by Linda

Create your own miniature gift boxes from old greeting cards. Use for gift giving, decorating the tree, etc.

  1. With sharp scissors, cut along folded edge to separate front from back sections of greeting card.
  2. Trim a scant amount, approx 1/8 inch or so, from all four edges of the back of the card.
  3. Decide on the depth of the gift box. On wrong side (inside), mark this distance from all four edges of the card, both front and back.
  4. Using ruler as a guide, fold all four sides towards inside of box (wrong side of card).
  5. Cut a horizontal slit in each corner, along the fold, from outer edge to the other fold line.
  6. Raise sides of box, folding flap around corner. Glue in place. Place paperclip over flap til glue is dry.
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