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by Linda

Some great Easter crafts and decorative ideas, and of course, instructions for colouring and decorating Easter eggs.
Decorative Wood Eggs
Decorative Wood Eggs
Also available: Styrofoam Eggs White

Soap Creations Melt & Pour Molds
Soap Creations Melt & Pour Molds - in a variety of shapes, including egg.
Soap Creations Fragrant Accents 1/4 oz is also available .

More Easter Crafts, Supplies, Decorative Items

All links below open in a new window. All have photos unless noted. Note 1: Be sure to get the correct type of chart. Knitting charts are designed for stitches that are wider than they are tall, cross stitch charts are designed for square stitches, crochet is usually square but can vary depending on the stitch used, etc.



Cross Stitch

Dyeing, Colouring and Painting Eggs


Machine Embroidery

See Cross Stitch section above - some charts are also available in machine embroidery format.

Machine Knitting

Paper Crafts

Quilting and Sewing


Wood Crafts

Other Crafts and Supplies

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