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Personalized T-Shirt

by Linda

A totally unique, custom t-shirt is a great gift idea for Father's Day, Mother's Day, grandparents, etc. Here is some general information about creating your own customized tshirt for that special someone.

This document will focus of preparing the t-shirt. Decorative ideas will be listed separately below as time allows. :)

  1. First, wash and very thoroughly rinse the shirt. Do not use fabric softener or rinses of any kind. If you have fabric dyer's laundry detergent available to you, use it.
  2. Hang or lay shirt flat to dry, or use a dryer if you wish to preshrink or get rid of the larger wrinkles.
  3. Iron the shirt at the temperature approprite for the fabric - check the garment label! We've got to get those wrinkles out so any decorative effects can be applied with fewer problems.
  4. Now add your decorative effect! If using liquids, be sure to place a large piece of cardboard inside the shirt so your dye, ink, paint etc. won't bleed through to the other side. Make sure you let the first side dry before doing the second.
  5. Unless you are the person who will be laundering this shirt, be sure to enclose some washing instructions with your gift. You might want to double check your fabric paint package etc. for specific instructions.
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