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Valentine's Day

by Linda

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be expensive. You can be just as sexy and happy spending a few bucks as you can spending a small fortune - or having those same amounts spent on you! :)

Below are some links to some affordable Valentine's Day items (and a luxury item or two). You can browse the selections by following the links to the merchant's web site. Also included is a link for hard to find sizes.

The links to a couple of web sites that sell underwear and such, well, there are both wilder and more subdued items available as well. I think I'll just leave it at that. :)

Oh yeah - and some Valentine's Day crafts, too. :)

Enhance Your Romantic Skills


The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women (2001) on VHS

Tastefully done instructional video featuring everyday women, not models, strippers or actresses. Gets rave reviews.

Also available: A Guide to the G Spot & Extreme Multiple Orgasms (2001) on VHS

Men's (Under) Wear

You can find all kinds of ladie's wear at the retailers further down on the page. But don't forget the men! Here are a few examples:

Retailers Offering Ladies' Undies

Your private lingerie store

WebUndies - It's not just underwear!

Retailers Offering Larger, Hard to Find Sizes

Savings on popular styles
Big Girls' Bras has sexy lingerie in sizes up to 4X.

Henry & June Lingerie - Plus Sizes Henry & June Lingerie also has Plus Sizes.

Classic Valentine Gifts

When you decide you're not going to wait til the last minute again, hoping to pick up something on sale on your way home. :) These gifts are luxurious and impressive!

Who could say no to the finest, French hand crafted chocolates?

Valentine's Day (and Heart Themed) Crafts

Here they are. :) Back to Holidays.
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