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Twinkling Potpourri

by Linda

Something a little different for potpourri. Take precautions and do not leave the lights turned on when unattended.

  1. Place the end of the string of lights into the bottom of your container, creating a small coil. Make sure this is the end without the plug or battery compartment! :)
  2. Add some potpourri, enough to almost cover the lights. Then feed some more of your string of lights on top of that layer.
  3. Repeat until jar is full, ending with a layer of potpourri. If you run out of lights before the jar is full, dump it out and try again, or try a longer string of lights.
  4. When the jar is full, turn on the lights to see how it looks. If it pleases you - perfect! If not, use a knitting needle or similar object to rearrange the lights or potpourri until you're happy with the result.
  5. Centre the doily over the opening of the jar, bring edges down over the top edge of the jar (home made jam style!), and hold in place with ribbon. Tuck in a piece of artificial holly etc. if desired.
  6. If giving it as a gift, take your gift tag or piece of Christmas card, and in your best handwriting, do up a note with the precaution noted at the top of this page and tuck under the ribbon or otherwise attach to the jar or container.
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