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Cushy Kitten Blanket

by Linda

[Cushy Kitten Blanket Corner Detail]

Another little blanket for our kitten, Peanut. I wanted this one to be nice and thick and cushy, and it worked! Hence, the name.

A single strand of yarn is used, yet due to the pattern of the stitches used (very easy - just knits and purls), it ends up feeling thick and soft and sink in comfortable.

You'll need:
  1. Cast on 70 sts or so in knit.
  2. Purl one row, turn, then knit one row, turn.
  3. Knit one row, turn, purl one row, turn, knit one row, turn.
  4. Continue working back and forth, the three rows as above (knit across, purl across, knit across). You'll end up with strips of 3 rows of knit, then 3 rows of purl, then 3 rows of knit, etc when viewed from one side.
  5. Keep working til you've just finished a third row in your strip, and that it matches the first couple of rows at the other end (both knit strips as opposed to purl side facing at one end), and your fabric is approximately square (or rectangular if that's what you prefer). I made mine square.
  6. Before continuing, turn fabric to other side so you have a purl strip at both the beginning and the end of your piece.
  7. Knit across all 70 sts, then pick up and knit sts along long side of fabric, pick up and knit 70 sts at other end (beginning) of your fabric, then pick up and knit sts along remaining long side of fabric.
    How many sts to pick up - If you pick up 2 sts for every knit or purl strip, you'll end up with a slightly ruffled edge. Picking up fewer, say one st for every knit strip and 2 for every purl, will give you a firmer, flatter edge. You'll have to play with it a bit to see what works. I picked up 2 sts for every strip and got a ruffled edge. Peanut likes it this way, it just makes it all the more cozy for her.
  8. For the next (second) knit round, at each corner, make a st one st in from the corner as you work your way around. In other words, for each side, knit one st, make one, knit across til you're one st away from the next corner, make one, knit last st. Do this for all sides. You can keep track of this by eye, but it's easier to place a marker at each of the four corners, using a different type or colour for the corner at the beginning of the round.
    Note: For your very first corner, one st will be made near the very beginning of the increase round and the other near the very end.
  9. Work around round of knit all the way around, no increasing of sts.
  10. Repeat the increase round one more time.
  11. Work the next round in purl, without increasing. Then work an increase round in purl, a non increase round in purl, then another increase round in purl.
  12. Work another strip of four knit, then another of four purl, increasing every second round as established. Work one final knit strip of four rounds, but instead of increasing on the last (fourth) round, cast off your work.
  13. Be absolutely certain you securely work in and attach ends of yarn. You don't want your furry friend to try to eat and digest this yarn - it can be very dangerous!
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