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Denim Shawl

by Linda

I've had this rope dyed indigo yarn for I don't know how long, waiting for inspiration to strike, and one day I thought, hey, it might make a really cool shawl or poncho! I decided to go with a shawl, in a very easy stitch pattern (3 rows stocking st, one row garter).

It's not your usual triangular shawl. It's more of a paralellogram that's been bent into a boomerang shape, as weird as that sounds. :) The shortest side goes around the neck or shoulders, the longest is the hem. It has one point in the back and the two points in the front to tuck or tie... OR... to pin together with your favourite pin or brooch, up near the neckline area where there's a spot just for that! I hate nothing more than a shawl falling, or even feeling like it's falling, off. Pinning it together at the front prevents this problem. You can still tie the points together. It looks fine just tied (not pinned), too.

Bear in mind a pure cotton yarn will shrink, mostly in length (due to the geometry of a knitted stitch). So make it a little longer than you think you'll want it. If you throw it in the dryer, you'll get the most shrinkage. And oh yeah, definitely wash it by hand the first several times, and after that, only with your darker denim jeans and such. Indigo bleeds like mad, and I had blue hands for several days to prove it. :)

[Denim Shawl - Lower Back Detail]
  1. With larger ndl, cast on 90 sts.
  2. Switch to smaller ndl, knit 4 rows.
  3. Right side - Switch back to larger ndl, k1, yo, k43, yo, k2, yo, k43, yo, k1.
  4. Wrong side - Purl across.
  5. RS - Knit across.
  6. WS - Knit across
  7. RS - K1, yo, k45, yo, k2, yo, k45, yo, k1.
  8. Rep these 4 rows, centering your increases on row 4, til desired length, ending ready to work row 4.
  9. Note - 2 x 129 sts after 21st purl ridge - abt 16 inches. Then work the final 3 stocking st rows. Width at neck is abt 22 inches, at bottom is abt 64 in (2 x 31).
  10. Switch back to smaller ndl.
  11. Knit 1 row (wrong side).
  12. Next row (right side), knit to one st before centre, make 1, knit 2, make 1, knit to end.
  13. Next row knit across (WS).
  14. Next row (RS), knit to one st before centre, make 1, knit 2, make 1, knit to end.
  15. Cast off in knit with larger ndl (from wrong side).
  16. This item will shrink about 10 - 15 percent in length if using all cotton yarn.
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