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Julie's Fabulous Gloves

Made by Julie Pointer, based on an idea by Mickey Landau (of The Red Needle in Colorado Springs), written up by Linda Shoup (international group effort)

Want a unique pair of gloves that are quick, easy and fun to make up? Want a chance to use some of that gorgeous expensive funky yarn you bought when it was on sale way back when? Well, you've come to the right place.

Thanks to an international coalition of knitters, from Colorado to Ontario, we bring you Julie's Fabulous Gloves.

[Julie's Fabulous Gloves - Top Detail 1]

What we're talking about doing here is taking a pair of affordable, ready made gloves, and adding a decorative knitted turn down cuff in your favourite yarn - the more colourful, textured, fuzzy, glitzy or furry, the better.

  1. First, turn the glove inside out. Just push the fingers into the palm area. Each individual finger doesn't have to be inside out, we're only working on the cuff area.
  2. With slightly smaller size needles than you plan to use for the rest of your work (if available), and working along the outside diameter of the cuff (which is currently the inside of the glove becase it's inside out ), loosely pick up sts all along the edge, using 3 or 4 needles (as if making a sock) til you're back where you started.
  3. Change to larger needles, and purl all the way around (a plain purl fabric will usually show off the yarn better). Work about a half dozen more rounds.
  4. Now, before going any further, slip those sts onto a circular needle (or a length of thick yarn), and make sure you can still get your hand into the glove! If it's too tight, undo the whole thing and start over, picking up more sts around than you did the last time, and making sure to do so loosely. If your yarn looks a little ratty after raveling it out, put it aside and use a fresh length when starting over.
  5. Also at this time, you should fold down your knitting onto the glove to be sure it's slightly bigger around and will sit against the glove without pulling it in. Better a bit bigger than not big enough.

    [Julie's Fabulous Gloves - Top Detail 2]

  6. Once you have the right amount of sts, continue to purl in rounds for about 2 to 2 1/2 inches (50 - 65 cm) altogether.
  7. Cast off your knitting, but don't be concerned about casting off loosely enough. A bit snugger than the body of your work will help keep the turned down cuff edge turned under (that's a mouthful!). Not too tight though, you still need to be able to get your hand through it.
  8. Turn the glove right side out again. Fold your newly knitted addition down over the wrist area of the glove and Tada! Well, half a tada - you still have to do the other glove. :)
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