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Little I-Cord Hat

by Linda

I no longer have littles one in the immediate family, but when the call went out from Socknitters in the fall of 1999 for warm woolen socks and other winter clothing to be sent to orphanages overseas, I was able to help out. Two fellow Canadians I've had the pleasure of doing business with provided the yarn and I provided the woman power. Thanks Ann and Arlene!

[Little I-Cord Hat] This little hat is knitted with 2 strands of yarn throughout - one of worsted weight and one of sport weight. The fabric works up to be quite firm, but that's all the better to keep out winter chills and prevent excessive shrinkage.

All in all, it's quick, easy and cute. What more can you ask?

  1. Using both strands held together and your circular needle, very loosely cast on 55 sts.
  2. Knit even for 36 rounds. The brim of the hat will begin to curl up once you've knitted a few rounds. Don't worry, it's supposed to.
  3. First decrease round - Knit 9, k2 tog, repeat to end of round.
  4. Knit one round even.
  5. Knit 8, k2 tog, repeat to end of round.
  6. Knit another round even.
  7. Continue in the same manner, decreasing every second round til 35 sts remain on the needles. When it becomes difficult to use your circular needle, switch to the dpn's.
  8. Once you've decreased to 35 sts in the round, begin decreasing every round until you're down to 10 sts.
  9. On ndl 1, k2tog, k3 for a total or 4 sts. On ndl 2, k1, k2tog, k2, also for a total of 4 sts.
  10. Make a 4 stitch i-cord on each needle. I made mine about 50 rounds long. Close and sew the end up tight when complete.
  11. Tie the i-cords in a little knot or bow. You can stich down the base to permanently secure it, or simply leave it hand knotted.
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