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Basic Mitred Square
How to knit a basic mitred square - aka diamond - aka mitered, domino, modular. See also: Joining a Second Mitred Square, Joining a Mitred Square on 2 Sides, Mitred Fabric - Diamonds
Carmen Scarf
A thick and cosy scarf for Canadian winters.
[Chocolate Shrug]
Chocolate Shrug
Like a sweater without a front.
Cozy Scarf
Soft and furry...
Cozy Textured Afghan
Casual and cuddly, with textured panels worked in three different colours.
Cushy Kitten Blanket
Easy, cushy, all knits and purls.
Denim Shawl
A little boomerang shaped shawl in indigo dyed cotton yarn.
[Easy Aran Kitten Blanket]
Easy Aran Kitten Blanket
Easy, quick, gorgeous!
Easy Eggplant Shawl
An easy, casual first shawl.
Empire Attack Cushion - New!
The Imperial force approaches...
Frosted Kitten Blanket
Fast, easy, cushy, cozy - made with double strands.
Fuzzy Two Tone Scarf
Purple and pink - gotta love it!
International Scarf
Wool and eyelash worked together - different!
Julie's Fabulous Gloves
Easy, glamorous, glitzy gloves.
Knitting Needle Roll
Use up your extra yarn to make a holder for all your needles. Easy as pie to make.
Lacy Shawl
A very easy first shawl.
Little I-Cord Hat
A cute, quick and cozy hat for a small child.
Mini Cabled Toilet Tissue Cover
Like a mini aran for your TP.
Moebius Scarf - The Original
For geometry lovers, the most challenging, but most fun version.
Moebius Scarf 2
Similar to, but a little easier than the Original, above.
Moebius Scarf 3
Super easy version!
Noodle Shrug - New!!
In cotton worsted with crocheted trim.
Old Shale Shawl - New!!
A rectangular shawl, very cuddly, very easy.
Oliver's Green Mouse
Mohair and wild catnip - gotta love it.
[Rebel Alliance Cushion]
REbel Alliance Cushion - New!
The symbol of the freedom fighters.
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Ribbon Scarf
A huggable scarf made of wool blend ribbon yarn.
Ridged Scarf
Just a little bit different, striped.
Seashore Afghan
Colours of the sand and the sea, easy and fast to make, too.
Spring Dishcloths
Textured in gorgeous spring colours, super easy.
Square Slippers
Super easy! If you can knit a square, you can make them.
Use up your extra yarn to make a cozy, tweedy afghan. Works up fast, uses 2 strands throughout.
Striped Christmas Stockings
Do one up in a weekend! Under Christmas (in the Holiday section).
[Triple S Shrug]
Triple S Shrug - New!
A casual shrug with ruffled collar, hem and cuffs, in worsted.
Stay organized in style!

Lion Brand Yarn Tote Bag

Lion Brand Yarn Tote Bag

Lion Brand's Yarn Tote Bag is the ultimate knit and crochet bag. Roomy, made from sturdy canvas, pocketed.


Bigfoot Socks
For the man who knows size really does matter.
Cabled Boot socks
Thick and toasty warm, no cable needle required, done in chunky.
Burgundy Ragg Socks
Done in the heel stitch.
Comfort Socks
A tweedy, textured sock in 2 colours, with rolled cuff.
Comfy Ribbed Socks
Ribbed and striped in 3 colours of sport weight.
Cookie Socks
Are spiral stripes your thing?
Cookies n Cream Socks
They look as yummy as they sound, in soft cotton yarn.
[Deformed Socks]
Deformed Socks
They really are...
EMC2 Socks
Mini cables and multi colours make these interesting and colourful.
Folksy Socks
Plain socks with a few 5 round stripes.
Folksy Socks Revisited
New and improved.
Funky Dorey Socks
Multi coloured mohair and metallic thread.
Glow in the Dark Socks
In two colours of worsted, spotty looking.
Green Riblets
Two strands of sock yarn, comfy as all get out.
[Highland Socks]
Highland Socks
Thick and toasty, done in worsted 100% wool.
Jean Socks
Rich and faded, just like your favourite pair, in aran or heavy worsted.
Melanie's House Socks
Garter stitch sole for extra comfort.
Mini Cabled Socks
Tiny cables only two stitches wide, no cable needle required.
Mom's Red Socks
Made of red wool for Mother's Day 1998.
Mother and Daughter Socks
Quick, easy and toasty warm, done in chunky weight.
[Nature Socks]
Nature Socks
Finely textured stitch pattern, in light worsted.
Navy Socks
Merino boucle yarn.
Pancake Socks
Striped, in 3 different colours of dk.
Paul's Seven Socks
A Valentine's Day gift for my sweetie in 1998.
Purple and Grey Striped Socks
Slip stitch colour change rows, in worsted.
Purple Birthday Socks
Made with birthday yarn.
Purple Passion Socks
Ribbed merino, with garter stitch where the soles are likely to wear through first.
Purple Riblets
Ribbed heaven in 3 strands of sock yarn.
Red and White Socks
Thick and sturdy, almost a slipper.
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Ribbed for Her Pleasure Socks
Soft merino in comfy rib stitch.
Shaker Socks
Plain old fashioned comfort, in aran or heavy worsted.
Socksquatch Socks
When bigger is definitely better.
Speckled Socks
...and Speckled Socks Junior (without cables), wooly, worsted, warm.
String Socks
Done in offwhite cotton dk.
[Thermal Socks]
Thermal Socks
Cozy and warm, but that's not how they got their name.
Your handmade socks deserve the best!
Wooden Socks Box

Wooden Socks Box

This sock box is just the answer to keep socks organized in standard size drawers or on shelves. It will hold at least six pairs of socks.

Help With Socks
Linda's Sock Formula v.3
Latest version of my formula, based on the number of cast on stitches.
Rectangular Toe for Toe-Up Socks
Not sure if you have enough yarn? Try working socks from the toe up.
Sock and Mitten Cuffs
Get one step ahead of the game.
Help for knitting and crocheting in general.
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