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Oliver's Green Mouse

by Linda

Scrap yarn, needles, catnip and time on my hands = cat toy.

  1. Using a strand of each held together and leaving an 8 to 12 inch length free before your first st, make a 4 st Icord for 3 rounds.
  2. Inc evenly by 3 sts, rearranging sts to 2/3/2.
  3. Knit one round plain.
  4. Knit around, increasing 1 st in first st of each needle - 3/4/3.
  5. Knit one round plain.
  6. Repeat these last two rounds til 26 sts on needles.- 8/10/8
  7. Knit 3-5 rounds even.
  8. Knit around, knitting two sts together at beginning of each needle. - 7/9/7
  9. Knit one round plain.
  10. Knit around, again knitting two sts together at beg of each needle. - 6/8/6
  11. Stuff firmly with catnip. Too little will result in a flat mouse. Too much is less of a problem, but you want the mouse soft enough to be able to be picked up with the mouth. If a cat is nearby, he will be extremely interested in your progress at this point. ;)
  12. Knit one round plain.
  13. Continue decreasing to approximately match the shaping at the other end.
  14. Break yarn, pull through last few sts you have left, tie a knot, pull through mouse body to hide yarn ends. You can leave the last couple of inches protruding near the head end as whiskers.
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