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Knitting Needle Roll

by Linda

Basically, it's a knitted rectangle with ties on it. From the wrong side, you push your knitting needles through to the right side, then back to the wrong side (like using a safety pin). You can also store cable needles and circular needles, too. When done, start at one short end and roll it up like a jelly roll. There's an i-cord tie attached to the outside so you can tie it shut. Tada!

[Knitting Needle Roll Closed - Click for Larger Image]

Gosh, after that description, you won't need to read the pattern. :)

  1. With red (main colour), loosely cast on 55 stitches.
  2. Work 8 rows garter stitch (4 ridges on each side).
  3. Work first 5 stitches in red garter stitch, join dark purple, knit plain for 45 stitches, join another ball of red and work last 5 stitches in garter stitch. Turn.
    Note: Your first and last 5 stitches will always be worked in garter stitch with red yarn. The middle 45 stitches will be worked in stocking stitch, changing colours every few rows.

    [Knitting Needle Roll Open - Click for Larger Image]

  4. Change colours on the 45 stitches as follows:
  5. Work 8 garter stitch rows, all the way across, with red. Cast off.
  6. Knit a 3 stitch i-cord with red. Make it a few inches longer than the length of your roll.
  7. Attach the middle of the i-cord along one short edge of the roll, halfway across its width, right where the red garter stitches change to purple stocking stitch.
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