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Moebius Scarf 3

by Linda

This scarf was inspired by similar patterns on the web as well as a life long love of math and science.

My first Moebius Scarf pattern, Moebius Scarf - The Original, has been here on the net for a few years now and gets thousands of visitors per month. As a matter of fact, it's my most popular knitting pattern, despite all those sock patterns! :)

If you've tried one of my other Moebius scarf patterns, you've probably felt a little confused at times. Here's a third method that's easy as pie - it's all flat, back and forth knitting.

  1. Choose a stitch pattern. It should be reversible, ideally one that looks the same on both sides. It should also be non curling (garter stitch works great).
  2. Cast on your desired number of stitches (50 or 60 work well in worsted for an adult scarf), using a suitable size needle. Note: If using more than one colour, you can change colours across each row, or every few rows, whichever you prefer. Just make sure your colour changes are well hidden - this scarf is basically reversible.
  3. Work until the length of the piece is twice the length needed to fit over the wearer's head. Cast off.
  4. Lay this strip horizontally in front of you. You're going to fold this strip in half and twist it. Bring the upper left corner of the fabric over and down to meet the lower right corner of your knitting , then, still holding this in place, flip up the (former) lower left corner to meet the upper right. Graft them together along their short edges (or sew) as neatly as possible. This creates the half twist that identifies this as a Moebius strip.
  5. That's it - you're done!
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