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Ridged Scarf

by Linda

A nice thick pure merino (yes, again), this time in stripes of two colours with a bit of definition between them. And just for fun and something different, a bit of a ruffle at each end.

Fast to knit and looks great! Make it wider if you have enough yarn, as it tends to want to roll itself up into a tube (hence the twisted looking image, below).

[Ridged Scarf]

  1. With Colour 1, cast on 30 sts.
  2. Knit next row, purl next row, etc for total of 9 rows done in stocking st, end ready to work wrong side row.
  3. Knit across this row, forming a purl st ridge on the right hand side of the work.
  4. Change to Colour 2, work 9 rows stocking st as before, then knit one row from wrong side for a garter st ridge on the right side, also as before.
  5. Continue to switch between your two colours til you have 8 stripes of each colour, ending off with just having worked your wrong side knit row in Colour 2. Cast off in Colour 2.
  6. Add ruffle - At cast on edge, working from right side and using Colour 2, pick up and knit one st in every cast on st, plus one extra at the beginning and end of the row (32 sts). Turn.
  7. Purl one row, turn.
  8. Knit two sts into each st to end of row, turn.
  9. Cast off very loosely in knit from wrong side of work.
  10. Follow same directions, reversing colours, at other end of scarf.
  11. Work in ends and you're done.
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