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Noodle Shrug

by Linda

This is a three quarter sleeve, somewhat drapey shrug, in a loose variation of plain old stocking stitch. It's suitable for spring or fall wear, or cool summer evenings (not too many of those so far this year in southern Ontario, June 2005 has been a record breaker - and so has July!).

The shrug is worked flat, almost a rectangular shape but not quite. The centre portion that covers the shoulders and upper back is wider than the sleeve portion.

But my favourite design element is the funky little fringe that's crocheted on afterwards - I love it!

[Noodle Shrug - Click for Larger Image]

Pattern Stitch:

  1. Row 1 (RS): K1, *yo, k1*, rep between *s to end.
  2. Row 2: P1, *drop yo, p1*, rep between *s to end.
Repeat these 2 rows for pattern.

  1. Cast on 34 sts
  2. Begin working in stitch patt, above, with row 2 (wrong side).
  3. On third and every following third RS row, work first 2 sts as usual, yo, make 1, work to last 2 sts, yo, make 1, work last 2 sts as usual.
  4. Repeat until 50 sts in row. Place yarn marker in first st of row.
  5. Continue working in pattern without increasing til 10" from yarn marker.
  6. Begin decreasing next RS row and every 3rd RS row: Work first 2 sts in usual way, yo, k2 tog, work to within last 4 sts in usual way, yo, ssk, work last 2 sts in usual way. Add yarn marker to first st of first dec row.
  7. Rep til down to 34 sts.
  8. Work 2 more RS rows even, and then the final wrong side row.
  9. Cast off in knit from right side.
  10. Begin single crocheting very loosely (or sewing) sleeve seams from sleeve cuff edge, stop after 36th row (a bit before yarn marker).
  11. Remove hk or ndl. Leave remaining seam yarn attached for possible later adjustment.
  12. For cuff fringe, pick up and very loosely sc about 34 sts around, sl st to first st to join. This is your foundation round.
  13. *Ch 18, sc in rear loop of 2nd ch from hk and each ch to end. Sc into same st of foundation round. Sc in next 2 sts of foundation round.
  14. Repeat from *, but ch 24 instead of 18.
  15. Continue alternating 18 and 24 chs all around sleeve hem. Fudge a little at the end if you have to to make them fit. :)
  16. Work other sleeve the same.
  17. Important Note: Try on shrug before working collar and hem fringe and make any required adjustments to length of sleeve seam.
  18. For collar and hem fringe, pick up and sc very loosely around body opening, sl st to first st to join. Rep from * in cuff fringle instructions all around.
  19. End off and work in ends.
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