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Triple S Shrug

by Linda

My daughter's birthday was fast approaching in June 2005, and on several occassions she'd asked me to make her a sweater someday. :) Well, I don't have much luck with shoulder shapings and such so I thought, what about a casual version of one of those ruffled shrugs, that some call a cocoon sweater?

I bought myself some promising looking yarn, swatched and swatched til I could swatch no more, then finally got started with barely a week to go before her birthday celebration.

Since we are not too different in height and size, I figured I could serve as the try-on model for this type of less crucial fitting garment. I played around with different loose but not too lacy stitches til I found one I like. It's basically a drop stitch stocking stitch. Very easy and very fast. I really like the drape of my fabic with this stitch.

[Triple S Shrug - Click for Larger Image]

You can follow the general directions below adjusting the size as needed and using your preferred yarn. You must swatch to get a general idea of the gauge and drape of your finished fabric. A shrug's fit is not precise, we're generally only concerned with the opening for the body and the sleeve length. The width and length of the rectangle can be adjusted to suite the wearer (see notes on sizing at end of pattern).

Oh, by the way, the Triple S stands for Slouchy Stocking Stitch. :)

The shrug body is worked flat (back and forth), the sleeve seams are worked next, then lastly the ruffles are worked in the round at collar / hem and at cuffs.

Finished rectangle for body will be about 16 inches wide by 46 inches long (41 cm by 117 cm).

  1. Cast 38 sts onto circular ndl.
  2. *Yo, k1* across - total now 76 sts. Don't forget to work the initial yarn over!
  3. *P1, drop yo from previous row* across. These 2 rows form the pattern.
  4. Continue working in pattern til piece is about 46 inches long (117 cm).
  5. Cast off on right side with knit sts only (no yarn overs).
  6. Using yarn needle, sew up sleeve seams beginning at cuff for about 16 inches (41 cm), leaving remaining yarn hanging in case it's needed. Be sure to use a nice stretchy seam so the sleeve doesn't bulge or pucker unattractively.
  7. Try on the shrug! The centre opening needs to be big enough to fit comfortably, but not so loose that it'll fall off the shoulders. Remember the sleeves will have ruffles added later, so they will be a few inches longer than they are now. (I sewed up for about 54 rows per sleeve.)
  8. Make any further adjustments to sleeve seams, break seam yarns and fasten ends. Ensure the fit is correct, since once you start the ruffle, there's no turning back.
  9. You'll now be working in the round. YOu'll be picking up sts with the crochet hook, and then crocheting one more rnd. The first few rounds of knitting will have no increases, then an increase round, then a few more without increasing, then you'll start tow ork the ruffled part. All details are below.
  10. Lay shrug flat with body opening facing you. Get out your crochet hook. About halfway between spot where a sleeve seam ends at body, and the lowest part of the body opening, slip stitch yarn in place to attach.
  11. Around entire body opening, very very loosely sc in end of every second row (I got about 64 sts). Sl st to join. Chain 1, do not turn!
  12. *Sc, ch 2* in each sc around - abt 64 repeats. Sl st to join.

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