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Triple S Shrug - Page 2

by Linda

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  1. Place marker onto circular ndl.
  2. Move final loop from hook to circular ndl.
  3. *Pickup 1 st in ch-2 space of prev round, yo* all around. Don't forget to work that final yarn over just before the marker!
  4. *K1, drop wrap* all around.
  5. *K1, yo* around.
  6. Rep 2 last rounds 4 times altogether (6 purl ridges on back incl first one). About 3" worked on abt 65 sts, ready to work row where wraps are dropped.
  7. (*K1, drop wrap* in next 7 sts. In 8th st: k1, k1 through back loop, drop wrap.) Repeat between brackets all around. Last st (or in each st if less than 8 sts remain) *k1, drop wrap*.
    Note: When increasing, your stitch count will not match mine exactly! I give it only to give you some idea of the rate of increase. Picking up extra sts is a bonus, but try not to decrease accidentally anywhere. I know I increased in several places unintentionally, so don't worry about if you do, too.
  8. Next rnd, *K1, yo* around, about 73 sts total.
  9. Cont these 2 rows working fewer sts between increases on every couple of increase rows (where wraps are dropped).
    Note: From this point on, I will only mention the increase rounds. Continue to work the rounds where the wraps are formed between each increase (drop wrap) round.
  10. Work 3 drop wrap rounds without increasing (6 rounds altogether), then worked the same increase row as above (now 91 sts).
  11. Next, work 2 drop wrap rounds without increasing (4 rounds altogether), next inc round is similar to previous increase round but working 6 sts as usual then the 7th through both front and back loops (114 sts).
  12. Next inc row *k1, k1fb, k1*, rep around (total 152 sts).
  13. Next inc row *k1fb, k2*, rep around (203 sts).
  14. Rep prev inc row (271 sts).
  15. Work yo row as usual.
  16. Next rnd bind off in knit, treating yo's as stitches to be bound off.
  17. For cuff, you will also be working in the round. Using your crochet hook, sc 2 tog all around, sl st to join.
  18. Move final loop to first dpn.
  19. Pickup 20 sts w dpns.
  20. *K1, yo* around.
  21. Next row *k1, drop yo* around.
  22. Rep these 2 rows 4 more times (6 purl ridges on inside).
  23. Next 3 inc rows *k5/6, k1fb*. (7 7 9 = 21, 8 8 10 = 26, 9 10 11 = 30)
  24. Next inc row *k1, k1fb, k1*. (12 13 15 = 40)
  25. Next 2 inc rows *k1fb, k2*. (16 18 20 = 54, 22 24 26 = 72)
  26. Bind off as for body ruffle.
  27. Hide yarn ends and you're done!

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