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Burgundy Ragg Socks

by Linda

I made these socks in a weekend with Bernat's Ragg Yarn (knitting worsted acrylic with no dye lot) in burgundy.

The body of the sock is done in what I call my Fake Rib stitch, based on the slip stitch pattern often seen used for the heel flap area of a sock. This tends to narrow the sock, so for a wider foot you might want to make fewer decreases after the heel flap.

[Burgundy Ragg Socks] I don't always get wonderful results from my ribbing, so this pattern calls for a few rows of tighter stitches between the ribbing and the heel flap. This helps hold the sock more snugly around the ankle. Omit those rounds if you don't care for the idea.

  1. Cast 36 sts loosely onto 3 dpns. 12/12/12
  2. Do 18 rounds of k2 p2 ribbing.
  3. K1, sl1 around.
  4. Knit around.
  5. Repeat the above two rows twice more, total of six rows altogether.
  6. Heel Flap - On 24 sts (first 2 needles), knit across. Turn and knit across the 24 sts. Repeat these two rows for heel flap (12 garter st ridges). End right side facing.
  7. Working on these same 24 sts, k15, k2tog, turn. *Slip 1 st, k6, k2tog tbl (through back loop), turn. Slip 1 st, k6, k2tog, turn.* Repeat between *'s til all sts are worked and you have 8 sts left, right side facing.
  8. Knit 8, pickup 13 sts along heel flap. Next needle pick up a st in space between first and second needle, knit across 12 sts, pick up a st in space between second and third needle. Last needle pick up 13 sts along heel flap, knit 4 sts from first needle onto last needle.
  9. K17 on first needle. Next needle k2tog, k12, k2tog. Last needle k17. This will get rid of the the hole that can appear in this area of a sock.
  10. Next round, knit around.
  11. K11, k2tog, k3. K1, sl1 across second needle. On third needle k3, k2tog tbl, k11.
  12. Next round and every other round, knit around.
  13. K11, k2tog, k2. K1, sl1 across second needle. On third needle, k2, k2tog tbl, k11.
  14. Continue decreasing every second round in the pattern established til 36 sts in round, ending with the plain knit round. 12/12/12 Note - For a wider foot, make fewer decreases, leaving an even number of stitches on each needle and the total number of stitches divisible by four.
  15. Establish Fake Rib pattern all around - K1, sl1 around.
  16. Next round, knit around.
  17. Repeat these two rounds til desired length is reached, about 1.5 - 2 inches shorter than foot length.
  18. Rearraange sts on needles to 9/18/9 for toe when doing your last plain round. Note - If using more stitches, arrange them so number on first needle and last needle total the number on the middle needle, and adjust the numbers in the following instructions accordingly.
  19. Shape Toe - K6, k2tog, k1. Next needle k1, k2tog tbl, k12, k2tog, k1. Last needle k1, k2tog tbl, k6.
  20. Knit one round plain.
  21. K5, k2tog, p1. Next needle k1, k2tog tbl, k1. Next needle k1, k2tog, k5.
  22. Continue decreasing every other row as established til total of 12 sts remain, ending with a decrease round. Knit across 3 sts on first needle.
  23. Graft toe.
  24. Make another one to match. ;)
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