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Cookie Socks

by Linda

If multiple colours and evenly repeated stripes appeal to you, you'll enjoy making these. They're a little different from the norm. The stripes are slightly spiralled.

[Cookie Socks]

This pattern got its name from the design of the stripes and the colour choice. My children, when asked their opinion, stated that it looked like someone had "tossed their cookies in your shoes and you stepped in it". Gotta love kids...

  1. With navy, loosely cast on 39 sts. 12/15/12
  2. Knit 2, purl 1 around for 13 rounds.
  3. Break navy, join orange. Knit 1 round plain, then k2 p1 for 8 more rounds.
  4. Break orange, join mint. Knit one round plain, then k2 p1 for 5 more rounds.
  5. Now comes the fun part! You need to set up the spiral stripe pattern which will be carried on throughout the sock. All stitches are knit (no purling). Break mint, join orange and navy.
  6. First 2 rounds, *k2 with navy, k1 with orange* all around. Round 3 and 4, *k1 orange, k2 navy* around. Round 5 and 6, k1 navy, *k1 orange, k2 navy*. Repeat between *'s all around, end with k1 navy. This creates a stripe which slants slightly to the left.
    x o x x o x x o x 
    x o x x o x x o x 
    x x o x x o x x o 
    x x o x x o x x o 
    o x x o x x o x x 
    o x x o x x o x x   begin here
  7. These 6 rows make up one pattern repeat. You'll be changing one or the other of the colours every so often throughout the sock.
  8. Continue working the pattern with navy and orange for 12 more rounds - 3 pattern repeats (18 rounds) altogether.
  9. Break orange, join mint to work the heel flap.
  10. The heel is worked on 18 sts, beginning and ending with a single navy stitch. This happens to be exactly how you begin the last round of the pattern repeat, so you'll knit 18 sts matching up the navy sts with the previous row's navy sts, and the mint sts with the previous row's orange.
    x o x x o x x o x x o x x o x x o x
    Knit across and purl back, lining up the navy sts with those on the row below, for 18 rows altogether, ending right side facing.
  11. For the heel shaping, knit all sts worked from right side, purl all sts worked from wrong side, and always use navy when you work 2 sts together. It looks much nicer that way. Working across these same 18 sts, work 13 sts in pattern as established for heel flap, work 2 tog, turn. *Slip 1 st, work 8 in pattern, work 2 tog, turn.* Repeat between *'s til all sts are worked and you have 10 sts left, right side facing. Your colours should be as follows:
    x x x o x x o x x x 
  12. Knit 2 together with navy, continue across in colours as established to last 2 sts in row, k2tog with navy. 8 sts on ndl.
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