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Cookie Socks - Pg 2

by Linda

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  1. Continuing with navy (and carrying along the mint, wrapping it every so often around the navy), pick up 19 sts along side of heel flap. Next ndl, pick up 1 st between heel flap and instep with navy, *k2 navy, k1 mint* across instep sts, pick up a st between instep and other side of heel flap with navy. Last ndl, with navy pick up 19 sts along side of heel flap (again carrying the mint), knit 4 from first ndl onto third ndl matching colours to those of the previous round. 23/23/23
    x o x x o x x o x x o x x o x x o x x o x x x   needle 2
  2. Note:For now, the stripes on the sole of the foot will remain straight and the stripes on the instep will continue to slant. Trust me, it's much easier this way, way believe it or not.
  3. Knit 1 round even, matching colours of the previous round all around, except changing the extra navy st to mint as needed on ndl 2 (instep) in order to restore the mint colour at the side of the slanting stripe pattern. Don't rush through this part.
  4. Knit 1 more round even - On ndl 1, continue matching the colours to those on the previous round. For ndl 2, move your mint stitch one spot to the left all around to maintain the slanting stripe. On ndl 3, as on ndl 1, continue matching the colours to the previous round.
  5. First decrease round - Knit to the last 3 sts of ndl 1, continuing to match colours, k2tog tbl (or ssk) with navy, knit last st in correct colour from previous round. On ndl 2, knit each stitch the same colour as the previous round to maintain slanting stripe. On ndl 3, knit first st in correct colour from previous round, k2tog with navy, knit rest of sts in correct colour from previous round. 22/23/22
  6. Repeat this last decrease round twice more, but again moving your mint st one spot to the left on ndl 2 (instep) on the first of these 2 rounds. You should be able to begin to see the separation between the slanted instep pattern and the straight sole pattern. 20/23/20
  7. Work 2 more rounds, maintaining straight and slanted stripe patterns and colours as established, without decreasing.
  8. Break navy, join orange. Continue as before, now using orange for all stitches which are knitted together for the decrease, still keeping the sole stripes straight and the instep stripes slanted. Work 2 rounds even, then a decrease round. 19/23/19
  9. Continue to work with orange and mint for a total of 12 rounds, decreasing on the third round (as noted above) and every round afterwards til stitches number 45 altogether. 11/23/11
  10. Rearrange stitches on needles to 12/21/12.
  11. Break mint, join navy. Work 8 rounds even in these colours.
  12. Break orange, join mint. Work 13 rounds in these colours.
  13. Break navy, add orange. Work 1 round even.
  14. Continuing in straight stripe pattern all the way around, knit to within the last 3 sts at end of ndl 1, k2tog, k1. On ndl 2, k1, k2tog tbl (or ssk), knit to within last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. On ndl 3, k1, k2tog tbl, knit to end of needle. Decrease round made. 11/19/11
  15. Work 2 more decrease rounds.
  16. Knit one round even.
  17. Work a decrease round every 2 rounds til 31 sts remain, then work across ndl 1 again to make one more decrease. 7/15/8
  18. Move the 7 sts from ndl 1 onto ndl 3. Graft toe closed.
  19. Make a second sock to match. If you want to be really fancy, you can make the stripes on the second sock spiral in the opposite direction.
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