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Cookies n Cream Socks

by Linda

Cookies n Cream Socks got their name from my son's comment when he saw the particular yarn I used worked up into the beginnings of this sock. I much prefer this name to a Salt and Pepper based one I'd been trying to come up with. :)

Working every second round through the back loops produces a wonderful texture. All knit sts in the ribbing are also worked through the back loops making it a lot more stable than it would be otherwise.

These socks are cotton, so you should knit as tightly as possible, taking frequent breaks so your hands don't get too tired. I used a Dutch (square) heel on this pair so there's little chance of feeling a ridge underfoot where the decreases sit under the heel area.

[Cookies n Cream Sock Detail - Click for Larger Image]

  1. Cast on 36 sts, arrange stitches 12/12/12.
  2. Work 18 rounds of k1tbl, p1 ribbing.
  3. Next rnd, ktbl of every st while evenly increasing number of stitches to 40, ie k6, m1, k9, m1, k9, m1, k9, m1, k3. Sts now number 13/14/13.
  4. Work one round plain knitting (not tbl).
  5. Work one round knitting tbl.
  6. Repeat these last two rounds 13 times (26 rounds total), ending with a non tbl round.
  7. Rearrange sts to 10/20/10 in preparation to work heel flap.
  8. Heel Flap - Knit tbl across 10 sts on ndl 1, turn.
  9. Slip first st, purl across remaining 9 sts, purl across another 10 sts. Leave remaining (instep) sts from round on spare ndl or st holder to be worked later.
  10. Slip first st, knit tbl across the other 19 sts, turn.
  11. Slip first st, purl across the other 19 sts, turn.
  12. Repeat these two rows 22 times altogether, end right side facing.
  13. Knit 14 tbl, k2tog, k1tbl turn.
  14. Slip first st, purl 9 sts, p2tog, p1, turn.
  15. Slip first st, knit 9 tbl, k2tog, k1tbl, turn.
  16. Repeat last two rows til you've reduced the number of sts to 12.
  17. K2tog, knit next 8 sts tbl, k2tog (10 sts).
  18. Onto same ndl, pick up and knit 13 sts along side of heel flap, pick up a st in space between ndl 1 and ndl 2. On ndl 2, knit the 20 instep sts tbl. On ndl 3, pick up a st in the space between ndl 2 and ndl 3, pick up 13 sts along other side of heel flap. Also onto ndl 3, knit the first 5 sts from ndl 1. Sts now number 19/20/19.
  19. Knitting through front loops as usual, knit to within last 3 sts on first needle, knit 2 tog, k1. Knit across 2nd ndl. On 3rd ndl, k1, k2tog tbl (or ssk), knit to end of needle. Stitches will number 18/20/18.
  20. Knit one round through back loops without decreasing.
  21. Continue working these two rounds til sts number 10/20/10.
  22. Continue to ork without any further decreases til you're a generous six inches (15.5 cm) from the edge of the heel flap, ending with a round which was worked tbl.
  23. Toe - Decreases are worked on the plain knitted rounds, just as before.
  24. Knit to within last 3 sts on first needle, knit 2 tog, k1. Knit across 2nd ndl. 3rd ndl, k1, k2tog, knit to end of ndl. Stitches will number 9/18/9.
  25. Knit one round tbl.
  26. Repeat these two rounds (decreasing every second round) til sts number 5/10/5.
  27. Knit 5 sts from ndl 1 onto ndl 3. Graft toe closed.
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