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Folksy Socks Revisited

by Linda

I was so pleased with my Folksy Socks that I wanted to try a few different kinds of stripe patterns, and once I'd gotten started, I really liked the way it looked and how easy it was. You don't have to follow the stripes exactly as I did, but see what works for you and just go for it.

[Folksy Socks Revisited - Click for Larger Image

  1. Cast on 40 sts with a contrasting colour, work 14 rows k2 p2 ribbing - 12/16/12
  2. Knit 8 rounds with main colour, increasing by 10 stitches on first round - total 50 sts.
  3. Stripe Pattern One: Knit one round with another contrast colour.
  4. Next round, *k1 with main colour, k1 with contrast colour*.
  5. Next round, *k1 contrast, k1 main*.
  6. Next round, *k1 main, k1 contrast*.
  7. Knit one round with contrast. These five rounds complete the first stripe pattern.
  8. Knit 3 rounds main colour.
  9. Stripe Pattern Two: Next round, *k1 with a different contrast colour, k1 main*.
  10. Next round, *k1 main, k1 contrast*. These two rounds complete the second stripe pattern.
  11. Knit 3 rounds main colour.
  12. Stripe Pattern Three: Knit one round with another contrast colour.
  13. Next round, *k2 contrast, k3 main*.
  14. Next round, *k1 main, k2 contrast, k2m main*.
  15. Next round, *k2 main, k2 contrast, k2 main*.
  16. Knit one round contrast. Third stripe pattern completed (5 rounds).
  17. Knit 5 rounds main colour. You're now ready to work the heel.
  18. Now, go ahead and make your favourite heel with another of your contrast yarns. :) I'm not sure how I did mine (I didn't write it down at the time), but here are the instructions from the original Folksy Socks if you want to make a Dutch (square) heel, but in stocking stitch.
  19. Heel Flap: Using a different contrast colour then used for the cuff, k 15 sts, turn. Purl the 15 sts just worked, and purl 15 more sts from next needle - total 30 sts on needle and 20 remaining to be worked later.
  20. Work stocking st on these 30 sts for 30 rows, slipping the first st of each row, end right side facing.
  21. Turn Heel: K18, k2tog, turn.
  22. Slip 1, p8, p2tog, turn.
  23. Slip 1, k8, k2tog, turn.
  24. Repeat these two rows until 10 sts remain.
  25. Rejoin main colour. Onto first needle knit these 10 sts, pick up 16 sts along side of heel flap. On second needle, pick up a st between first and second needle, knit across, pick up a st between second and third needle. On third needle, pick up 16 sts on side of heel flap, knit 5 sts from the first needle. 21/22/21 - 64 sts total
  26. Next rnd, knit to within last 3 sts of ndl 1, k2tog, k1. Knit across ndl 2. On ndl 3, k1, k2togtbl (or ssk), knit to end of ndl. 20/22/20
  27. Knit one round without decreasing.
  28. Repeat above two rounds once more, then one more decrease round. 18/22/18
  29. Work Stripe Pattern One (5 rounds).
  30. Work 3 rounds with main, decreasing as before on first and third rounds. 16/22/16
  31. Work Stripe Pattern 2 (2 rounds).
  32. Work 3 rounds with main again, decreasing as before on first and third rounds. You'll work no more decreased for a while, not until you get to the toe area. 14/22/14
  33. Work Stripe Pattern Three (5 rounds).
  34. Work 8 rounds plain with main colour.
  35. Work another repeat of Stripe Pattern One, 3 rounds plain in main colour, Stripe Pattern Two, 3 rounds plain with main, Stripe Pattern Three, eight rounds with main. Not you're ready to work the toe.
  36. Toe: Rearrange sts to 12/25/13.
  37. Working with yet another contrast yarn, on first needle knit to within last 3 sts, k2tog, knit last st. On next needle, k1, k2tog tbl (or ssk), knit to within last 3 sts, k2tog, knit last st. On last needle, k1, k2tog tbl (or ssk), knit last st. 11/23/12
  38. Continue decreasing every round til 14 sts remain on needles - 3/7/4. Knit sts from first needle onto third needle, break yarn and graft toe.
  39. Turn sock inside out. Take some extra contrast yarn and weave it up and down around the purl st bumps on the inside of the sock in the heel and toe areas. This pads it a bit, for more comfort and better wear.
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