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Mom's Red Socks

by Linda

Made for my mother for Mother's Day 1998. I made them from yarn I purchased via mail order from New Brunswick (where my Mom was born and grew up), and used bright red wool, just like my Grandma used when she made mittens for my brother and I every Christmas while we were young.

NOTE: slipped st is always slipped purlwise

  1. Cast on 36 sts (12/12/12) and do 12 rounds of k2 p2 ribbing
  2. Knit plain for 6 rounds
  3. K8, turn
  4. Sl1, k7, then onto same needle k8 from next needle. Place rem 4 sts on each needle onto instep needle (16/20)
  5. *Sl1, k1* repeat across, turn Sl1, purl rest of the way across, turn
  6. Repeat two rows above until there are 10 or 11 'big V's' (20 or 22 rows), ending with right side facing you
  7. K10, ssk, turn Sl1, p4, p2tog, turn (4 sts remain at each)
  8. Sl1, k4, ssk, turn Sl1, p4, p2tog, turn (3 sts remain at each)
  9. Repeat these last two rows until there are no extra sts remaining on ends of needle, end with right side facing you
  10. Knit across 6 sts, knit up 11 or so sts along side of heel flap onto the same needle. On next needle, knit up a st in space between heel flap and instep needle, knit across instep sts, knit up a st in space at end of instep needle. On last needle, knit up same number of sts along this side of heel flap as you did along other side, then knit first 3 sts from first needle. (14/22/14)
  11. Knit across first needle, on instep needle k2tog at each end while knitting across the centre sts, knit across third needle (14/20/14)
  12. Knit to within last 2 sts of first needle, knit those 2 sts together. Knit across second needle. On third needle, ssk then knit to end of needle.
  13. Knit one round plain.
  14. Repeat the above two rows until ten sts remain on first and third needles (10/20/10), then knit every round evenly until sock reaches the top of your baby toe.
  15. To decrease for toe, *K3 k2tog* around (8/16/8) Knit one round plain *K2, k2tog* around, knit one round even *K1, k2tog* around, knit one round even K2tog around, knit one round even
  16. Break yarn, thread through 8 rem sts and draw up tightly to close toe. Fasten securely on the inside of sock.
  17. Done - Tada!!! Now, go make another one...
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