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Nature Socks

by Linda

A basic pair of socks in light worsted weight yarn. I like an easy to work, fine textured stitch pattern, and this one filled the bill. It also helps to keep track of the number of rows or rounds you've worked.

[Nature Socks - Click for Larger Image]

  1. Cast on 42 sts.
  2. *K2, p1* across.
  3. *Join into rounds on 3 ndls - 15/12/15 - and work ribbing as established for 20 rounds in total.
  4. *K4, m1, k3* around to inc by 6 sts to 48 sts in total. Rearrange sts to 16 / 16 / 16.
  5. Knit 2 rounds without increasing.
  6. *K3, p1* all around next rnd.
  7. Knit one round.
  8. *K1, p1, k2* all around next rnd.
  9. Knit one round.
  10. Repeat these 4 rounds 12 times in total.
  11. K12 sts, slip next 4 onto instep ndl, turn.
  12. Slip 1, k11, k12, slip next 4 onto instep ndl, turn.
  13. Knit every row til 16 garter st ridges on right side.
  14. Slip 1, k15, k2tog, k1, turn (5 rem).
  15. Slip 1, k9, k2tog, k1, turn (5 rem).
  16. Repeat this row til no sts rem at ends of ndl (12 sts on ndl).
  17. K1, k2tog, k6, k2tog, k1.
  18. Pickup 17 sts along first side of heel flap, pu 1 bet ndls. Work across 24 instep sts in pattern as established. Pickup 1 stbet ndls, pickup 17 sts along other edge of heel flap.
  19. Knit 5 sts from first ndl onto 3rd ndl, slip next 5 sts from first ndl onto next ndl.
  20. Work one round even without decreasing.
  21. Next round, k20, k2tog, k1. Work across ndl 2 (instep ndl) in pattern. K1, ssk, k20.
  22. Repeat these 2 rnds, knitting one less st before the k2tog and after the ssk, til 44 sts on ndls (8 / 24 / 8).
  23. Rearrange to 10 / 20 / 10.
  24. Knit 15 rounds without decreasing.
  25. K7, k2tog, k1. K1, ssk, k14, k2tog, k1. K1, ssk, k7.
  26. Knit 1 round plain.
  27. Contine decreasing every 2nd round til 20 sts remaining on ndls. Do not work one rnd even after last decrease rnd.
  28. Now, decrease every round til 12 sts remain.
  29. Knit 3 sts from ndl 1 onto ndl 3. Do 3 ndl bindoff from right side.
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