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Pancake Socks

by Linda

This is a cozy roll cuff sock in dk yarn. I wanted to try out a few yarns to see how well they wear, and as anyone who knits socks knows, this is an ideal way to do it. :) I intended to use equal amounts of three different yarns, see my Notes at the end for how that worked out for me.

The name comes from the fact that all three yarns come in a ball that looks flattened.

[Pancake Socks - Click for Larger Image]

  1. With Oak, cast on 44 sts, knit 1 row across.
  2. *Join into rounds - 15/14/15 - and knit 7 more rounds with Oak - 8 rnds total.
  3. Change to purple, knit 4 rnds.
  4. Change to Ink, knit 8 rnds.
  5. Change to purple, knit 4 rnds.*
  6. Repeat between *'s once more, working 8 rounds of Oak instead of 7.
  7. Heel Flap - Work heel flap in garter st on 28 sts (14 from ndl 1 and 14 from ndl 3). Work 12 rows oak, 6 rows purple, then 12 rows ink, slipping the first st of every row. This will approximate the width of the stripes as already established.
  8. Turn Heel - Skip the purple stripe at this point. With Oak, k18, k2tog, k1, turn (7 sts rem).
  9. Slip 1, k9, k2tog, k1, turn (7 sts rem).
  10. Continue to decrease as per the previous row til no sts remain unworked at ends of ndls (12 sts on ndl).
  11. K2tog, k8, k2tog.
  12. Continuing with Oak, pickup 16 sts along edge of heel flap. Pick up a st between ndls, knit across instep sts, pick up a st between ndls. Pickup 16 sts along edge of heel flap.Knit 5 sts from ndl 1 onto ndl 3. 21/18/21
  13. Knit 1 rnd even.
  14. Next round, k18, k2tog, k1. Work across ndl 2 (instep ndl). K1, ssk, k18.
  15. Knit 1 rnd even.
  16. Continue to dec every second rnd, while following stripe pattern as established, til sts number 12/18/12 (this will be the end of ink stripe).
  17. Continue to work even in stripes til you've worked 4 purple stripes in total after the heel.
  18. Shape Toe - Change to Oak. K2tog, k10. K8, k2tog, k8. K12. (11/17/12) Rearrange sts to 10/20/10.
  19. Dec on next rnd and every second rnd til 7/14/7. Do not work one rnd even.
  20. Now dec every rnd til sts number 5/10/5.
  21. Do 3 ndl bindoff from right side.
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