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Purple Birthday Socks

by Linda

[Purple Birthday Socks]

My daughter gave me a craft store gift certificate for my birthday in 1998 and I immediately thought - purple socks!

  1. Cast on 36 (12/12/12)
  2. Work 12 rounds k1 p1 rib
  3. knit 6 rounds
  4. Make heel flap on 20 stitches, leaving 16 for instep:
    k10 turn
    sl1 p9, p 10 from next needle, turn
    place extra sts onto instep needle
    sl1 k19
    sl1 p19
  5. Repeat these last two rows for 18 rows, or til 9 large Vs appear along right hand edge of heel flap
  6. Turn heel:
    sl1 k9 k3 ssk turn
    sl1 p6 p2tog turn
    sl1 k6 ssk turn
  7. Rep last two rows til only 8 stitches remain, with right side of work facing
  8. k8 pickup 11 sts on needle one / pick up one in space k16 pickup one in space on second needle / pick up 11 sts k4 (from first needle) on third needle (15/18/15) k 15, k2 tog k14 k2tog, k15
  9. knit to within last 3 sts on first needle k2tog k1, knit across second needle, k1 ssk knit to end of third needle
  10. knit one round even
  11. Rep these last two rows til you have 10/16/10 sts on needles
  12. Work even til work measures 15 cm from where you picked up the sts on side of heel flap
  13. Rearrange sts to 9/18/9
  14. Knit to within last 3 sts on first needle k2tog k1 / k1 ssk k to within last 3 sts then k2tog k1 on second needle / k1 ssk knit across on third needle
  15. Repeat this round until you have 16 sts remaining (4/8/4)
  16. knit one round even, then knit 4 sts from first needle onto third needle (8/8)
  17. Break yarn and graft toe. Make second sock the same.
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