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Rebel Alliance Cushion

by Linda

For my daughter's birthday in June 2005, I decided to create something with the Rebel Alliance logo on it. I'd initially thought of a purse, but I've made her one of those in the past, and although she's a big fan of the trilogy / trilogies, I didn't know if she'd want to be displaying the fact everywhere she went. :) So I decided on a small decorative cushion instead, two of them actually.

It's done in mostly stocking st and worsted weight yarn. It takes a while to do because of the colour changes, but looks great once it's done. I chose the logo colour to match my best perception of the colour of the real thing, and the background to coordinate.

[Rebel Alliance Cushion - Click for Larger Image]

If you change the yarn weight, you'll get a larger or smaller item. Yarn requirements may vary, too.

I also have an Empire Attack Cushion pattern.

  1. Cast on 44 sts w burgundy, work 6 rows garter st (knit across each row).
  2. Next row and all following rows til directed otherwise, knit first 3 and last 3 sts in burgundy to form garter st at edges while continuing to work the centre 38 sts in stocking st (knit on right side, purl on wrong side).
  3. After first 3 sts in burgundy, join beige, knit one row for background of centre 38 sts, working last 3 sts in burgundy as directed above.
  4. Adding bobbins of colour as required, follow chart for colour placement in stocking st section.
  5. Once chart is complete, work 1 or 2 final rows in stocking st, ending ready to work a right side row.
  6. Break beige, work 6 rows garter st with burgundy (knit each row).
  7. Bind off.
  8. For back, with burgundy work 6 rows garter st on 44 sts as for front.
  9. Keeping first and last 3 sts in burgundy garter st as for front, switch to beige and work 2 rows of stocking st on centre 38 sts.
  10. Next row, and every third row afterwards, in the centre 38 sts, knit 3 sts in beige, and every 4th st in burgundy.
  11. Continue to work 2 plain coloured rows in between the above.
  12. Once you've worked 16 or 17 rows with contrasting sts, work one more solid colour row with beige.
  13. Drop beige, work 6 rows in garter st with burgundy.
  14. Cast off.
  15. To finish, with beige, sc front and back together along right side, top, then left side, leaving length of yarn attached.
  16. Place pillow form inside, sc across bottom edge to close. Hide yarn ends.
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