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Books and Magazines

Here are some links, sorted by topic, to various books and magazines which are available for purchase or subscription on the internet. Many magazines are available for worldwide delivery when purchased through . (If you don't have a credit card, you can pay by debit (check) card or by check.)

Crochet - Updated!
A selection of crochet books and magazines, such as Crochet World, Quick and Easy Crochet, Old Time Crochet.
Home Decor - Updated!
Home decor books and magazines, lots of different ways to make your home more comfortable, attractive, and inviting.
Knitting - Updated!
Knitting books and magazines like Knitting Digest, Knit n Style. Also, of course, a couple of books about socks.
Selling Crafts
Books and magazines related to the business of selling your crafts, and small, home based and internet based business in general.
Sewing - Updated!
A couple of sewing books and magazines, such as Sew News and Threads.

If you're searching for a particular magazine publication or topic, try searching:

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For specific books, whether best sellers or hard to find, new or used, try one of these:

CLICK HERE for Allworth Press
They're publishers of self help books for artists and craftspersons.

Literally millions of hard to find, out of print, and antique books to choose from.
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Or search Abe Books UK site.
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Book Closeouts has a wide selection, stock changes regularly so check back often. Search by title below, or browse by category (see Home and Garden, then Crafts and Sewing). Site also has a keyword, author, isbn search feature.

Find other books etc. at Amazon.
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Buy and sell textbooks and more.
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For books in alternative formats:

Electronic text publications, also known as e-books, are portable electronic book editions, including images and all. Take them with you on your Palm or Pocket PC to read during your daily commute or during breaks and lunch at work. Use your Windows or Mac machine to display pages on your computer monitor at home so you can read and do your crafts at the same time (no need to try to prop your book open to the correct page). Download them right away, no waiting for delivery from online stores. Save trees! :)

Palm, Microsoft PC, Microsoft Pocket PC and Adobe Acrobat (for Mac and Windows) readers are free and are available through the Help section of the site below.

eBooks has an ever growing selection of quickly downloadable titles in Palm, MS and Adobe Acrobat reader formats, including a few Crafts and Hobbies ebooks.
Download an eBook today
Pre Recorded Audio Books boast the same advantages as electronic books, but you pay even less attention to things like moving to the next screen, etc. Simply pop the tape or CD into your player, hit Play and leave your hands free to so silly things like housework, or something much better, crafting! :) Great to use on your daily commute, while exercising, etc. They are usually available for both purchase or rent.
Keep your hands free while reading! Click here to learn more about BOOKS ON TAPE® audiobooks.
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MP3 and Similar Books The books again boast the same advantages as the two above, and are also very portable. You can listen on your Audible ready MP3 player or PocketPC(tm), on your main computer, or your iPod(tm) or . Quickly download today's newspaper, a great mystery, or other book or magazine, load it onto your player, and you're on your way! To keep over the long term, you can burn it to CD. Commute, work, play, craft, whatever...
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