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What's New?

24 July 2005
Added a new crochet pattern Holey Squares Shrug and added an image to my knitted Noodle Shrug
09 July 2005
A few more new patterms: knitted Old Shawl Shawl and Noodle Shrug , and my crocheted Spiral Purse.
21 June 2005
I've added several new knitting patterms: Rebel Alliance and Empire Attack Cushions, and my Triple S Shrug.
06 Feb 2005
Wow, has it really been that long? No, but the only additons were minor updates and corrections and such. This weekend though, I added several new patterns to the Knitting section: Highland Socks, Nature Socks, Pancake Socks, International Scarf, Lacy Shawl and Carmen Scarf (no photo for this one yet).
13 Nov 2004
Added Angie's photos of her two versions of the completed poncho to my Celebrity Poncho page. Also added a photo of Melinda's Rastafarian Tam to that pattern page. Also updated a few pages in my Four Seasons section: Links, Other Burning Questions, Which Album and Concert Dates pages.
15 Sept 2004
Updated to my Celebrity Poncho pattern regarding "turning the corner", added a couple of tips for the Alternative Neckline.
28 Aug 2004
Hm, just realized I didn't add the exact date of the final site update! Ah well, it looks like it probably was 31 July 2004, based on the dates on the files. :) In other news, I just finished updating my Crocheted Celebrity Poncho as well as the Flower Stitch instructions, based on the questions people have been emailing me with. Wow, is this pattern popular! I also added my new crocheted Charity Granny Blanket pattern.
31 July 2004
I put up a couple of test pages for the new site design, including this one and the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Music page. I decided to simplify the site as well. I suspect this will be a longer more ongoing process than I first thought. A redesign always seems to happen that way, when will I ever learn? :) Ah well, at least this time I'm using CSS so future updates should be much easier. Key word being should. :)
20 July 2004
The site is under a major redesign. I've kept the URL's as is, but am changing the colour scheme and overall look. It will take some time to work out all the bugs, but c'est la vie! :)
25 June 2004
I forgot I hadn't put this pattern on the site yet, but now it's here. It's my Denim Shawl.
22 June 2004
Woo-hoo! I finally figured out how to make a Celebrity Style Poncho!!!
18 Apr 2004
Updated the Craft Supply Retailers, Father's Day and Giraffe Crafts pages.
21 Mar 2004
I updated a few pages: Hard to Find Craft Supplies, Free Stuff, Inkjet Refills and Other Printer Supplies, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Music page.
07 Mar 2004
I added some new knitting patterns: Shaker Socks, Jean Socks and a new crochet pattern: Peanut's White Mouse (a cat toy).
21 Feb 2004
I've updated the Easter page. I added some new knitting patterns: Deformed Socks, Cozy Scarf and Ridged Scarf.
14 Feb 2004
I've updated the Inkjet Refills and Other Printer Supplies and the Crochet Related Publications pages. I added some new knitting patterns: the Seashore Afghan, Purple Passion Socks, Easy Eggplant Shawl, Fuzzy Two Tone Scarf and Ribbon Scarf.
PS - Happy Valentine's Day!
17 Jan 2004
I've updated the Knitting Related Publications and Crochet Related Publications pages.
11 Jan 2004
I've been having computer problems and otherwise occupied these past few months. I've been doing occassional updates and adding new documents now and then, but cannot recall what they were. :) Sorry folks, but I'm back in the saddle again.
17 Aug 2003
Added some new pages including Basic Mitred Square, Joining a Second Mitred Square, Joining a Mitred Square on 2 Sides, Mitred Fabric - Diamonds. Also updated the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Music page.
13 Aug 2003
I've added a new page with a chart for estimating how much yarn you need for a project - the How Much Yarn page. I've also been regularly updating other pages too numerous to mention.
28 June 2003
I've updated many pages here and there over the past couple of weeks, most recently overhauled the Giraffe Crafts, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Music, Coupon Codes, Canada Day and Craft Supply Retailers pages.
28 May 2003
A thousand pardons for the lack of updates. I've been having technical difficulties these past few weeks, and was not even able to answer email (my brain needs a reboot)! Anyways, please bear with me while I get back to work on the site. Thanks...
13 April 2003
I updated a few more pages this weekend, including the the crocheted Rastafarian Tam, Free Stuff, Hard to Find Craft Supplies, Coupon Codes and Easter pages.
06 April 2003
I've been very busy this week! I updated the Coupon Codes pages, the books and magazines pages for Crochet, Home Decor, Knitting and Sewing (now it's much easier to compare subscription prices online). The Canada Day page has also been updated. I created some new graphs this weekend: Heart Chart 1 suitable for crochet, and 2 Ontario Charts one suitable for crochet and one for knitting (both in the Holiday section). I've added a Chart of the Most Common Afghan Sizes which includes the number of squares required for each one (in the Tips section).
30 March 2003
Updated the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Music and the Coupon Codes pages, and added a new pattern to the Crochet section, Peanut's Little Yarn Things (cat toys).
29 March 2003
Updated a whole bunch of related publication links, including Crochet Knitting Sewing and Home Decor books and magazines.
23 March 2003
Updated the Mother's Day and Giraffe pages.
22 March 2003
I updated my Genealogy, Coupon Codes, Free Craft Software for Linux, Free Craft Software for Windows, Books and Magazines, Search and Free Stuff pages.
16 March 2003
I've been updating the odd page here and there since 10 Feb, but obviously not including this page! :) The newest addition is my Genealogy page, completed with my limited (for now) family history. If you're taking, or have taken, such a journey yourself, why not drop by and have a look at my adventures? I've also updated the Free Stuff and Coupon Code pages.
10 February 2003
Updated the Coupon Codes, Free Stuff, Canada Day, Styrofoam(tm) and Similar Craft Foams, Inkjet Refills and Other Printer Supplies and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Music pages.
01 February 2003
Updated the Hard to Find Craft Supplies, Coupon Codes, Free Stuff and Thank You Gallery pages.
26 January 2003
Spent the majority of my weekend updating the Easter, Fourth of July, Canada Day, Giraffe and Search pages. Whew!!
21 January 2003
Updated the Free Stuff, Coupon Codes and Books and Magazines pages.
20 January 2003
Updated the Christmas, Sock Monkey, Giraffe and Hard to Find Craft Supplies pages.
12 January 2003
Updated the Supplies for Fabric Decoration and Free Palm Software pages. (...and Sunday - see below!).
11 January 2003
Major updates to the Coupon Codes, Sock Monkey, Hard to Find Craft Supplies, Giraffe Crafts and Valentine's Day pages (there went my Friday and Saturday!).
07 January 2003
Added a new Inkjet Refills and Other Printer Supplies page. Easy to find an online seller that will ship to your country, accept your payment method of choice, etc.
05 January 2003
Updated the Books and Magazines, Search, Free Stuff, Coupon Codes and Styrofoam(tm) and Similar Craft Foams pages. And last but not least, the Copyright page - it's 2003 now. :)
01 January 2003
Updated the Free Stuff and Coupon Codes pages - this is an ongoing thing. :)

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