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What's New? Archive 1

Oldest new stuff. :) Technically, an archive of the oldest items from the What's New? page.

30 December 2001
Finally got what I originally thought would be a very simple sock pattern up - Glow in the Dark Socks (in the Knitting section). Fixed up a couple of other online images as well. I guess that's it for now - back to work tomorrow after the holidays - blech. :)
29 December 2001
Thinking ahead for once, I updated the Valentine's Day page (in the Holiday section). Also updated the Free Stuff page and the Fourth of July page (also in the Holiday section).
28 December 2001
Updated the Search page, Books and Magazines page, Free Craft Software page. Also updated the Knitting Books and Magazines and Crochet Books and Magazines pages.
26 December 2001
Added some new photos to the Knitting, Crochet, and Christmas sections.
22 December 2001
Finally put together a page for Finding Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Music. Also has requests for a few pieces of information as requested by visitors to my fan page.
08 December 2001
Added my new Tapestry Crochet Purse pattern to the Crochet section. I love it, and intend to make another one real soon! That's my third new crochet pattern in the last couple of weeks too - not bad...
01 December 2001
I finally added my knitted Striped Christmas Stocking pattern to the Holiday section (I've made seven of them so far!). I updated the Fourth of July, Canada Day, Valentine's Day and Easter pages. I also created another Canadian flag chart suitable for knitting (on the Canada Day page). I also updated the Easy and Cheap Crafts home page to more accurately describe what's here on the site.
29 November 2001
Added some new contests and freebies to the Free Stuff page.
25 November 2001
I added my pattern for a 9 Sided Kitchen Mat (in the Crochet section).
17 November 2001
It's Moebius Scarf time! I added two new versions of my very popular Knitted Moebius Scarf pattern (in the Knitting section), and also a new Crocheted Moebius Scarf (in the Crochet section).
12 November 2001
Updated a bunch of pages in the Holiday section - Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, Hallowe'en, Christmas, Canada Day, Mother's Day, Easter.
10 November 2001
Added to the Free Stuff page. Working on more Canadian Patriotic Crafts.
04 November 2001
Working on patriotic crafts for Canadians - the Canada Day page - still under construction. Also updated the Free Stuff page.
19 October 2001
Added another new sock pattern - Purple Riblets (in the Knitting section), and updated the Hard to Find Craft Supplies page. Though it's off season, I also updated the Easter and Father's Day pages (in the Holidays section). Also added more detailed descriptions to the Craft Supply Retailers page.
14 October 2001
Added a new Christmas section, and updated and added a few other pages in the Holidays section. Added my Speckled Socks (in the Knitting section).
07 October 2001
Added a new Sock Monkey page, (in the Craft Supplies section). Updated the Giraffe page, too.
06 October 2001
Updated a few pages, including my Hard to Find Craft Supplies page, and my Fourth of July page. Added a book search to the Books and Magazines page. Still getting the Christmas page organized, and working on a couple of new sock patterns.
30 September 2001
I finally uploaded my Fourth of July page (a page for American crafters - and those who love them - looking for patriotic projects).
27 September 2001
Updated the Hallowe'en and Free Craft Software pages. Added a Thanksgiving page. Gathered up some more links for the Patriotic and Christmas pages (coming soon).
22 September 2001
Uploaded my new Hallowe'en page, plus updated a few others.
16 September 2001
Found 9 new Hard to Find Craft Supplies - this is a record!
15 September 2001
Updated a bunch of pages, came across and added Unity Ribbon to the bottom of all the main pages in support of our American friends. Began to look for Patriotic Crafts for American crafters as well. Page will be up soon.
26 August 2001
Found quite a few more Hard to Find Craft Supplies over the past couple of weeks. Another major site redesign - did you notice? :)
04 August 2001
Found a couple more Hard to Find Craft Supplies, including wind chime parts. I updated something else too, but I forget! :)
28 July 2001
Added a new recipe, and found a few more Hard to Find Craft Supplies.
21 July 2001
I managed to find another Hard to Find Craft Supply. Though not technically a supply, it's really handy if you handwash a lot of clothes - either at home or while camping, etc.
08 July 2001
Added Stashghan pattern (in the Knitting section). Added a Magazine section.
30 June 2001
Updated the Mailing List page (in the Lists section).
28 June 2001
Restored the Search page.
17 June 2001
I hit the jackpot! I managed to find 4 Hard to Find Craft Supplies which had been requested over the past few weeks. See what happens when you take a week off work and can spend all day on the net? :) I also added a new link to the Craft Supply Retailers page, yet again updated the Free Stuff page, updated the Knitting Related Publications page and the Crochet Related Publications page.
Oops - almost forgot! Added a Knitting Needle Roll pattern (in the Knitting section).
15 June 2001
Updated and added some links to the Free Craft Software section.
22 May 2001
Added two new documents (in the Sell Your Crafts section).
20 May 2001
Added Father's Day projects and gifts (in the Holidays section). Did some maintenance on the Free Stuff page. Also updated the Craft Supplies Retailers and Hard to Find Craft Supplies pages (in the Craft Supplies section). Updated the Knitting Glossary (in the Glossary section).
11 May 2001
Added tons of new stuff, including some contests, to the Free Stuff page.
29 Apr 2001
Added a gorgeous poster to the Giraffe page (in the Craft Supplies section), and as usual, updated the Free Stuff page.
15 Apr 2001
Added Mother's Day projects and gifts (in the Holidays section), and removed the Easter doc from the forefront. Added Cozy Textured Afghan (in the Knitting section).
08 Apr 2001
Finally! Got all the links to free craft software organized and sorted out. Will be adding descriptions as time allows (in the Free Craft Software section).
04 Apr 2001
Updated the Hard to Find Craft Supplies page (in the Craft Supplies section), and updated the Free Stuff page. Still working on the Free Craft Software pages - coming soon!
01 Apr 2001
Updated some pages due to broken external links. Added information about repelling moths (in the Tips section).
29 Mar 2001
Updated the Free Stuff page. Added a Recipes section.
22 Mar 2001
Added lots of Easter projects (in the Holidays section).
19 Mar 2001
Added lots of giraffe related links - gave them their own page in fact (in the Craft Supplies section).
11 Mar 2001
Added doc about dealing with stripes and pools of colour, and added some images to current docs (in the Variegated Yarns section).
10 Mar 2001
Updated the Free Stuff page (in the Free Stuff section).
05 Mar 2001
Updated Mailing Lists doc (in the Lists section), updated the Crochet and Knitting Glossaries (in the Glossary section), added a couple of new hard to find craft supplies (in the Craft Supplies section).
03 Mar 2001
Added chart to convert between UK and North American crochet terms (in the Tips section).
26 Feb 2001
Added images to Mother and Daughter Socks, and to Sasquatch Socks (in the Knitting section).
25 Feb 2001
Began going live with major site redesign, including some directory restructing. This is one of the first few new documents - broken links and all. :) The only other things I need now are a reliable text editor, a few gallons of coffee and lots of interrupted time. Shouldn't be a problem...
Feb 2001
Began working on new site design - gathering stats, making umpteen tests and samples, working with colours and layout and so on and so on. I hope I don't regret this...
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