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What's New? Archive 2

An archive of older items from the What's New? page.

24 December 2002
Updated the Free Stuff, Free Craft Software and Free Craft Software for Linux pages.
23 December 2002
Updated the Valentine's Day and still regularly updating the Coupon Codes page.
09 December 2002
Updated the Giraffe Crafts page. Also continuously updating the Coupon Codes page.
01 December 2002
Updated the Coupon Codes page.
28 November 2002
Added two new patterns - Easy Aran Kitten Blanket and Cabled Boot socks (both in the Knitting section). Updated the Software page. Added a new Coupon Codes page.
24 November 2002
Updated the Christmas page (in the Holiday section).
10 November 2002
Updated the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Music, Giraffe Crafts and Free Stuff pages.
20 October 2002
Added my new knitted Cushy Kitten Blanket pattern.
10 October 2002
Updated the Free Stuff page.
05 October 2002
Updated the Giraffe Crafts and Christmas pages.
28 September 2002
Updated the Valentine's Day and Giraffe Crafts pages. Added my new Granny's Kitten Blanket pattern.
21 September 2002
Updated the Father's Day and Hard to Find Craft Supplies pages.
14 September 2002
Added my new Ribbed Kitten Blanket and Peanut's Ball Thing patterns (in the Crochet section), added a new Online Sock Calculator (in the Software section).
09 September 2002
Added my new Frosted Kitten Blanket pattern (in the Knitting section).
22 August 2002
Updated the Free Craft Software and the Free Stuff sections, as well as my 9 Sided Kitchen Mat pattern.
18 August 2002
Updated the Knitting Related Publications and the Crochet Related Publications pages.
17 August 2002
Updated the Find Four Seasons Music page.
06 August 2002
Updated the Hallowe'en, and Supplies for Fabric Decoration pages. Also updated the related publications pages for Home Decor, and Sewing.
22 June 2002
Updated the Hard to Find Craft Supplies, Changes in Colour Repeat as You Progress and Find Four Seasons Music pages.
08 June 2002
Added a new purse pattern, Mini Purse, (in the Crochet section).
02 June 2002
Updated the Giraffe, Sock Monkey, Find Four Seasons Music and Free Stuff pages.
27 May 2002
Updated the Father's Day page, and created new pages for Fabric Decoration Supplies and Personalized T-Shirts.
18 May 2002
Updated the Free Stuff page, various pages in the Free Software section, also created a new page for Free Craft Software for Linux.
01 May 2002
Updated the Christmas, Easter and Fourth of July pages (all in the Holiday section). Also added a new sock pattern, Folksy Socks Revisted, (in the Knitting section).
27 April 2002
Updated the Hard to Find Craft Supplies page and the Mother's Day page.
20 April 2002
Finally - the Rastafarian Tam pattern is up! It's in the Crochet section.
19 April 2002
Updated lots of stuff! Like the Free Stuff page (long overdue), the Sock Monkey and Giraffe pages, and the Find Four Seasons Music page. Most of the other ones were for typos, etc.
31 March 2002
Finally created and added the Specific Variegated Yarns and Threads page, which lists the number of colours and length of repeats for certain ombre type yarns. Updated Pronounced Stripes or Pools of Colour (both in the Variegated Yarns section). Also updated the Home Decor index.
29 March 2002
Created documents to assist in converting charts between knitting, crochet, cross stitch, etc., Converting Charts (in the Tips section). Updated the Giraffe Page (in the Supplies section). Added a new document to find Styrofoam(tm) and Similar Craft Foams (in the Supplies section).
24 March 2002
Added a crocheted Summer Purse (in the Crochet section), and my Spring Dishcloths (in the Knitting section).
16 February 2002
Added a new sock pattern for Cookies n Cream Socks. Reduced the size of this What's New page by moving some of the older items onto the What's New? Archive 1 page.
10 February 2002
Updated the Giraffe and Easter pages.
05 February 2002
Added a couple of new sock patterns - Green Riblets and Thermal Socks, updated the Free Stuff and Valentine's Day pages, did some minor maintenance on a few of the other pages.
13 January 2002
Greatly expanded the Bed Sheet Ideas page into the Bed Sheets for Home Decor section (in the Sewing section). Recently updated the related publications pages for Knitting, Crochet, and Sewing.
06 January 2002
Reverse engineered and typed up Julie's Fabulous Gloves. A much appreciated gift from a friend across the border. Also added a new image to the Original Knitted Moebius Scarf (both in the Knitting section). Special thanks to Julie and Lila!
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