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What's New About Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons?

Not much to put here at present, so I'll start with the history of this site.

History of This Web Site - August 2004

This collection of information started out as an attempt on my part to get answers for visitors to my Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons fan page. They often emailed me with questions about which songs were on which albums, how and where to find that particular album and lots of other questions. I had very few of the answers myself, but I knew someone out there would.

So I put together a small page on my craft themed web site and hoped the search engines would pick it up (I also linked to it from my fan page, above). Thanks to a growing number of regular visitors who were willing to share what they knew, it quickly grew into a Seasons trivia central of sorts. :)

This single page was growing by leaps and bounds and it was becoming more and more difficult to keep it up to date, so when I redesigned this site in the summer of 2004, I decided to break it up into separate documents and put them all in their own section of the site. This page links to each of those new documents.

I've also moved the contents of my original fan page here, too.

The one piece of information I lack is a contact for people and organizations wishing to book Frankie Valli and / or the Four Seasons. If you have this information, please please please share it with me. I absolutely will not post it publicly, but use it only to respond by email to promoters' queries. It can only help them by keeping their music and careers alive and well. Thanks...

29 January 2005
I updated the Concert Dates, the Whatever Happened to... and the Other Burning Questions pages.
18 August 2004
I've updated the Which Album or Single and the Other Burning Questions pages.
From the Way to enhance the web site department: My sincere apologies to those who contacted me between September and December 2003. I tucked away your emails in a separate folder and forgot where I put them. I did read then as soon as I got them. So some new questions and answers are only new to the site, not new to me. I'm truly sorry about that...
07 August 2004
Added some new links to the Links page. I've also updated the Concert Dates listing.


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