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Grocery Bag Holder

by Linda

Hanging from a doorknob, hook, kitchen cabinet handle or other convenient place, plastic grocery bags can be pushed into the top, and when needed, pulled out through the bottom. No more "showers" of grocery bags. ;) I gave these as gifts for Christmas 1996 and they were much appreciated.

A piece of material of suitable size can be substituted for the dish towel.

  1. Plan Layout: Fold towel in half, right sides together. Use your best judgement as to which direction to fold. It will eventually be sewn into an open ended tube.
  2. Attach Elastic: Unfold towel. Along each end that will become the openings at the top and bottom, sew a length of stretched elastic. It should be sewn on the inside (wrong side) of the towel, half an inch or so in from the edge. Alternatively, you could sew a casing through which to thread the elastic, fastening it down at each end.
  3. Sew: Fold in half again, and stitch the back seam, forming an open tube with the elasticized ends.
  4. Attach Hanger: Measure a piece of ribbon long enough to slip over the largest part of a door knob, plus an extra inch and a half. Turn ends under and sew to the inside of one elasticized end, an half inch or so away from the back seam on each side, just below the elastic. You might want to baste it in place and try slipping it over a door knob first.
  5. Turn right side out.
  6. Make a decorative bow from another piece of the same ribbon, and attach it about one quarter to one third of the way down, or attach other items as desired for decoration.
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