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Bun Warmer

by Linda

Warmed in the microwave and placed in the bottom of your bread basket, it helps keep bread, biscuits, or buns warm on your dinner table.

NOTE: Use caution when heating and storing the Bun Warmer. Don't overheat it, and put it in a safe place until completely cool before storing. Dried out rice can smoulder into a fire if overheated. Use at your own risk.

  1. Cut Material: Cut 2 pieces of fabric into the desired shape - circle, square, rectangle or what have you, an inch or more larger than you need it on all edges.
  2. Sew Front to Back: Line up the two pieces, wrong sides together, and sew around using a half inch seam allowance, and leaving a small opening along one side.
  3. Turn right side out.
  4. Fill: Fill with rice, but don't overfill. It could cause the seams to burst.
  5. With small stitches, sew up the opening.
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