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Draft Stopper

by Linda

Also known as a Draft Dodger or Door Snake, used to stop drafts from creeping in under your door. It's placed on the floor and pushed up against the bottom of your door, or placed in between your screen door and inner door.

This item was discussed in the various crafts news groups during the fall and winter of 1996 - 1997.

Materials and size are left up to you. Only you know the width of the door in question, and the most appropriate filling for your circumstances and budget.

NOTE: Instructions are given to fit a 36 inch wide door.

  1. Make a Tube: Sew the 40 by 8 inch piece of material into a tube by sewing together along the 40 inch side, using a half inch seam allowance. No need to finish the seams here unless you'd like to. If using two pieces, sew them together along the 40 inch side using half inch seam allowances to create a tube.
  2. Cut End Pieces (Optional): Cut a large circular piece from each 8 by 8 inch square. These will be used to close the ends of the tube. Be sure to make them larger than the end of the tube to allow for seam allowances. Trace a suitable size luncheon plate or ice cream tub lid if you have trouble with freehand circles.
  3. Close One End: With tube inside out, attach one of the circular pieces completely by sewing all around. As an alterative, you could sew one end into a rounded or pointed shape, or simply sew it flatly together, as if you'd pinched the end of a drinking straw.
  4. Partially Close Other End: Attach the other end piece in the same way, but sewing only halfway around the circle. As above, you can partially sew it in a shape appropriate to the way you did the first end, but leaving at least half of it open. You might prefer to attach or close this end after you've filled the draft stopper. It will be easier to fill.
  5. Turn right side out.
  6. Fill: Using your chosen filling material, carefully fill the tube. Do not "shake down" the filling, leave it in there loosely. Overfilling may cause the seams to burst in use. Fill to within an inch or so from the top. Hold it up and give it a shake to check for leaking filling. Strengthen or repair seams if needed.
  7. Close Other End: With strong thread and using small stitches, firmly sew up the opening. You can "shake down" the filling before sewing to make it easier to manipulate. Loosen it up again after all sewing is complete and again check for leaks.
  8. Finish: Use ribbon, fabric scraps or whatever you have handy to decorate the draft stopper.
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