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Ice Pack

by Linda

Also known as a Rice Pack, Freezer Pack, Cold Pack or First Aid Pack. It's kept in your freezer and used in a first aid situation when an ice pack would be called for. Use with plenty of common sense. ;)

This was talked about (in various forms) in the different crafts news groups during the fall and winter of 1996 - 1997. I've attempted to assemble the information here, in a semi coherent manner. ;)

Materials and finished size are suggestions only.

NOTE: Instructions are given for a small square ice pack.

  1. Sew Front to Back: Line up the two squares, wrong sides together, and sew around using a half inch seam allowance, and leaving a small opening along one side.
  2. Turn right side out.
  3. Fill: Fill with rice, but don't overfill. Too much filling may cause the seams to burst and leaves a firm, nonflexible pack that won't conform easily to an injured area of the body.
  4. With small stitches, sew up the opening.
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