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Bed Sheets in the Bathroom

by Linda

Hide the open area under the sink
For those of us with one of those hanging off the wall sinks, perhaps with those attractive chrome legs. :) You'll need to measure carefully, attach to sink with hook and loop tape such as Velcro(tm), sew the loop half to the sink curtain and glue the hook half to the sink (makes for easier laundering).
Laundry bag or liner for laundry hamper
Make a big pillowcase, add drawstring and / or hanging loop.
Mini blind toppers or window curtains
Make them at least double, if not triple, the width of the window. Make sure the top heading is large enough to go over your chosen rod.
Ruffled or banded trim for towels
Make up all the long lengths first, then cut to size, hem the cut ends and attach to the towels.
Runner for back of toilet tank
Quilted or unquilted, ruffled plain or piped edges, whatever you like.
Shower curtain
To be used with liner, make buttonholes on the top edge for hooks to fit through. As an alternative, you could either make a nice wide casing or add fabric loops at the top and hang it on a tension rod (hang the vinyl liner behind it on the regular rod)
Toilet tissue cover
Sew up a little quilted or unquilted cover to match the rest of the room.
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