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Bed Sheets in the Bedroom

by Linda

Bed rest cover
Ah yes, interesting idea. I've no patience to do such a thing in a fitted way, but some lengths of bedsheet wrapped around and tacked, tucked or tied here and there can look great!
Body pillow cover
Basically a huge pillowcase, you may wish to add some sort of closure to it.
Curtains on wall above bed, as a headboard replacement
Attach a suitable rod near the ceiling, create window curtains, and hang. If done in two pieces you can keep them open, or gather them with a pull back part way down, etc.
Duvet or comforter cover
Two sheets, an edging of some sort (piping, lace, something of your own creation), a long zipper or some velcro - tada!
Dust ruffles
Use an old sheet to cover top of box spring platform, make a long length of ruffled or tailored fabric, attach on three sides.
Floor mat edging
Use fusible interfacing to firm up the fabric, attach around edge of mat, mitering corners as you go.
Extra pillowcases
Make them fanicer than usual and call them pillow shams, make extras if you keep extra pillows on your bed, may be less expensive to make them from extra sheets than to buy ready made.
Laundry bag or liner for laundry hamper
Make a big pillowcase, add drawstring and / or hanging loop.
Mini blind toppers or window curtains
Make them at least double, if not triple, the width of the window. Make sure the top heading is large enough to go over your chosen rod.
Neckroll or bolster cover
Create a tube wide enough to fit around, close it up at the ends as you wish (tied with ribbon, folded and attached with zipper or hook and loop tape, etc.).
Potpourri bag or drawer sachet
Fill with potpourri or cedar shavings, place in drawer or closet.
Those vinyl things
What do they can them - closet organizers, room organizers, clothing storage containers? You know the ones I mean, make them out of fabric instead, insert cardboard where needed for strength.
Toss cushions
Sew together on three sides, with or without an edging, add zipper or other closure, embellish to your heart's content.
Wall covering
Are you brave enough to attach fabric right to your wall? Test, test and test again, not only do you want it to stay up and look decent, but you want the wall to remain in decent shape when you eventually remove the fabric!
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