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Bed Sheets in the Family Room

by Linda

Chair pads or covers
Recover and old chair pad for a rocking chair, use reinforced seams for strength and durability, removable for washability.
Curtains or window toppers
Make them at least double, if not triple, the width of the window. Make sure the top heading is large enough to go over your chosen rod.
Floor cushions
Basically huge toss cushions, buy them ready made and make a removable cover as for toss cusions.
Lamp shade
There are those who are able to cover a lampshade with fabric and have it look decent, I am not one of those people, however your mileage may vary. :) Actually, recoving one of those older fabric covered swap lamps probably wouldn't be too difficult.
Slip covers
Oh boy, a whole web site could be built around this one! The least time consuming way would be to sew a couple of bedsheets together, side by side, throw it over your couch etc, then drape and tuck and tie and tack - and cross your fingers. :) Be sure to allow lots of fabric for the tuck in.
Toss cushions
Sew together on three sides, with or without an edging, add zipper or other closure (so you can remove the cover and wash it easily).
Remote control holder
You've probably seen them, basically a long strip of fabric folded up into a pocket at one end, one end tucks in between the arm and the seat, remote is placed in pocket at the other end which hangs over the outside part of the arm. Get creative and make a second pocket to hold your tv listings. :)
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